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The war shall last twenty seven years





Nostradamus' Calendar of Events II    

Continued from Calendar of Events I

8 April 2005:  Choosing the next Pope is a great responsibility.  We need someone

who can and WILL  establish Peace Worldwide.  That requires Divine intervention.  Church

 issues can be resolved by human cooperation.

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Sequence of events: Floods, earthquakes, fires, famine, wars

Dear Almighty Father

please calm the earth
divert storm waters to areas of need
grow food in every nation
resolve conflicts throughout the globe
prevent nuclear and mass destruction weapons use
for PEACE all over the world



May 13, 1917: Our Lady of Fatima started appearing
to 3 children in Fatima, Portugal.  Sr. Lucia is the only survivor.  The supposed text
of the 3rd message was published in:
Summary: There shall be disasters, poverty and war starting in the 2nd half of
the XXth century.  "Satan rules in the highest positions."  Men shall build
weapons of mass destruction.  The Church will be darkened.  There will be
death everywhere due to mistakes made by the senseless and followers of
Satan ... if mankind is not converted. / Text/ Int
Aug 31, 1941: Sister Lucia wrote her 3rd memoir and revealed that the 3rd
secret of Fatima had 3 distinct portions.  The 3rd part could not be disclosed
at the time ...
April 16, 1957: The sealed envelope containing the 3rd part of the 3rd secret
arrived in Rome...
1978: Pope John Paul II read the secret as 2 of his predecessors did.
Dec 8, 1983: "Precisely at the end of the 2nd millennium, there accummulates
in the horizon of all mankind enormously threatening clouds, and darkness falls
upon human souls."  Pope John Paul II
Sep 10, 1984: Bishop Amaral of Leira, Portugal declared "The secret of
Fatima speaks neither of atomic bombs or nuclear warheads, nor of SS20
missiles. Its content concerns only our faith ..  "  "The loss of faith of a
continent is worse than the annihilation of a nation."
Oct 10, 1992: Sr. Lucia's interview By Anthony Cardinal Padiyara of India, et
al: "The 3rd secret is not intended to be revealed.  It was only intended for the
Pope and immediate Church hierarchy."
/ .(now off www); See Fatima Network

* Dec 31, 2000 (Manila date): Bombs exploded in different parts of
the city.  Muslim rebels suspected / AZ Republic 12-30-00 US date

* Dec 31, 2000 Israel:The son of Kahane (Anti-Arab militant who
advocated forcibly evicting Arabs from Israel, W Bank & Gaza) was killed.  The
Arab group called Martyrs of al-Aqsa Intifada claimed responsibility / INT

12-31-2000: NASA: Cassini passed by Jupiter, will rendezvous with Saturn
by July 2004 / INT

Jan 1, 2001: Pope John Paul II focused on Israel/Palestine
mutual respect as part of world  peace / INT

* Jan 1, 2001: The beginning of the chronological 3rd millennium (see May
13, 1917, subsection 12-8-83: Precisely at the end of the 2nd millennium  / INT

Jan 13, 2001: Mexico City: 7.6 R earthquake in Central America, S Mexico/ INT
Jan 14, 2001: Cebu, Philippines: Floods, thousands flee, 2 die / AZ Republic

Jan 17, 2001: Manila, Philippines: Pres Estrada's impeachment trial was
adjourned after an 11-10 vote by the senate not to look at Estrada's bank
account & all prosecutors resigned.  Noisy protests errupted.  Estrada was
accused of getting milluons of  dollars illegally / AZ Republic, Casa Grande
Dispatch.; 1-19-2001:Private e-mail: huge rally at EDSA to pressure Estrada
to resign; 1-20-2001: Manila: Supreme Court stripped Estrada of Presidency
status. yesterday.  Hours later, VP Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was sworn in as
President / INT

Jan 26,2001: Ahmedabad, India: Thousands feared dead after an earthquake in
Western India yesterday.  Bhuj worst hit / INT
Jan 26, 2001: Earthquake, Oxaca, Mexico / TV
Feb 1, 2001: 5.8 R earthquake in the Aleutian Is., no injuries / INT
Feb 13,2001: 6.6 R earthquake in El Salvador / INE
Feb 28, 2001: 6.8 R , 40 sec EQ in Seattle /TV
Mar 5, 2001: Floods in Mozanbique / Int

Apr 1 - 11, 2001: 24 US crewmen held in Hoinan Is., China after their plane's
emergency landing resulting from being hit by a Chinese plane - News

Apr 12, 2001: Jeffrey Schilling, American, held hostage by Philippine Muslims
since Aug 2000 was rescued by the Philippine Military after Muslims threatened
to behead him as a "birthday gift" to the new President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
/AZ Republic

Apr 27, 2001: New Delhi earthquake / Int
May 2, 2001: Mudslide killed at least 74 in China / Int

May 3, 2001: State of Rebellion declared in the Philippines after  riots to
protest incarceration of ex-president Estrada.   In the list for arrest are: Sen
Juan Ponce Enrile, Sen Honasan

May 4 - 9, 2001: Pope John Paul II preached peace while tracing St. Paul's
footsteps; 5-4-01: Athens, Greece: He offered a statement of regret for sins of
action & omission against Orthodox Christians; 5-5 to 6-01: Damascus, Syria:
He became the 1st Pope to visit a Muslim place of worship.  In contrast to his
speech in the Umayyad, President Assad and Muslim leader Mufti voiced
bitterness against Israe; 5-9-01: Valletta, Malta: Prayers in the predominantly
Christian community were marred by news of worse conflict: between Israel &
Palestine / Int

May 27, 2001: Start of a new hostage situation in the Southern Philippines. Abu
Sabaya, a faction of the Abu Sayaf Muslim rebel group, took 20 hostages
including 3 Americans, 2 of whom were previous hostages.  The largest Muslim
rebel faction, the Moro Liberatio Front is willing to start peace talks with the
government.  While Abu Sayaf and Abu Sabaya group maintain that their aim
is to secure an independent state, evidence has been shown ewlationshi with the
infamous international terrorist Osama bin Ladin.  Last years months long
hostage drama ended after millions were paid by Libya to secure release of the
hostages .  Now with a greatly improved fleet of speedboats, etc., an annual
recurrence has occurred.  Reports of beheading of Guillermo Sobero, a
naturalized US citizen originally from Peru have not been documented as of
6-21-01; Int, AZ Republic, CG Dispatch, private e-mail; 6-22-01 Two
headless bodies of Filipinos found in the jungle / CG Dispatch; 7-9-01:
Philippine police and soldiers captured 3 Abu Sayaf Muslim leaders including
NadzmieSabtulah AKA Commander Global / AZ Republic

June 21, 2001: Total Solar Eclipse - Zambia,  Africa / Int
June 24, 2001: 7.9 R earthquake in Peru / Int, TV
June 24, 2001: Albay, Philippines: Mayon Volcano started errupting / TV

July 15, 2001: The US had its 2nd successful out of 4 tests of the "hit to kill"
 missile defense system; 1 test in 1999 was asuccess, 2 last year were not / Int

July 18,2001: Bhubaneswar, India: 1 million people marooned in Eastern Orissa
after 10 days of torrential rain, at least 23 dead, tworse hings expected  / Int

July 13, 2001: Mt. Aetna has started errupting;  and "cannot be stopped";
7-26-01  After calming down for 2 days, Etna managed to reach a car in a
 refuge / Int

July 25,2001: Bonn, Germany: Kyoto greenhouse control deal passed by G8;
wording needs to be corrected and ratification by big nations needed since US
excluded itself / Int

July 26, 2001: Philippines: Mt. Mayon also errupting / TV
July 28,2001: Alaska: 6.4 R, 90 miles depth  earhthquake 245 miles SW of\
Anchorage, no major damage expected / Int

July 29, 2001: Israel police stormed Muslim Holy Sanctuary mosque in
response to rock throwing by Palestinians/ Int

July 30, 2001: Olveston, Montserrat: Volcano spread ashes over North
Eastern Caribbean.  No one hurt / Int

Aug 9, 2001: Bush Ok'd Stem Cell research with limitations / TV

Aug 10, 2001: US & British planes bomb S Iraq because of Iraq's increasing
attacks on patrolling planes over the No Fly zone plus build up of sophisticated
fiberoptic anti missile systems / Int

Aug 13, 2001: Tehran, Iran: worst flooding in 200 yrs. devastated Northern
Iran & killed 300+ / Int

Aug 31, 2001 Yearly summer wildfire in the western USA spreads to Glacier
National Park / TV, Int

Sept 1, 2001: Moscow: A series of 5+/- R earthquakes rocked the Pacific
island of Sakhlin; damage report not available /Int

This was expected by Nostradamus' interpreters to happen as early as 1995
and possibly be nuclear in nature.  Thank God it was not!!!
2 American Airlines and 2 United Airlines commercial flights were hijacked
today.  Plan e1 crashed into the N tower of the World Trade Center in New
York City at 8:58 am.  10 min later plane 2 crashed into the S tower.  Plane No.
3 crashed into the Pentagon in Washington DC.  Plane No. 4 crashed in
Shanksville, Pa, just outside Pittsburgh not too far from Camp David and the
White House. The  WTC towers along with other sections collapsed.  Part of
the Pentagon burned.  More than 5000 are estimated dead or injured.
/ TV, CG Dispatch/ Int

* +  Sept 24, 2001: RUSSIA WILL HELP THE USA/ NI/NT
Arms shall be supplied in the fight against Afghanistan/ TV

* Oct 5, 2001: 1st Anthrax case in USA

Oct 7, 2001:: Philippine military kill 15 muslim rebels. The Abu Sayaf group
was named by US as connected to Osama bin Laden's organization; 10-13-01:
4 hostages escaped during exchange of fire between the military and guerrillas/Int

* Oct 7, 2001: US and British forces start bombing Afghanistan.  Food drops
continue.  Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei denounced killing of innocent people .
The US and Allies repeatedly said the fight is not against the Afghan people.
It is against TERRORISM./ Int

Oct 9, 2001: Russian submarine raised to surface / TV

*Oct 11, 2001: Miami, Florida: 3rd case of Pulmonary Anthrax vonfirmed;
one case was diagnosed in New York 10-12-01; FBI investigating; 10-13-01:
Malaysia willing to help investigate envelope that initially tested positive for
Anthrax mailed to a Microsoft office in Reno, Nevada from Malaysia /TV/Int

Oct 11, 2001: President Bush had press conference, re-affirmed that war is
against Terrorism, not Afghan people or Muslims, invited children of America
to save or earn a dollar each to donate to the children of Afghanistan.  In the
meantime, new threats from Osama bin Laden to attack again the next few days
have been heard / TV/Int

* Nov 14, 2001: Taliban flee from Kabul; 12-7-01Khandahar
surrendered by new Taliban leader/ INT

Dec 9, 2001: Drought increases Afghan woes / Int

Dec 9, 2001: WHO confirmed at least 1 case of Ebola in Gabon, Africa / Int

Dec 22, 2001: Karzai inaugurated as interim head of Afghanistan; Osama
Bin Laden and Mullah Mohammed Omar both "missing"  Shoe bombing attempt
aboard an international flight to Florida/ TV

Dec 2001: 7 feet of snow in Buffalo, NY; Jan 2002: Unexpected snowsrorms in SE USA

Jan 11, 2002: El Nino is back.  Effects will be felt in the USA starting this fall or winter/ Int

Mar 2002: Afghanistan was hit by an earthquake and an epidemic of Crimean Hemorrhagic
Fever.  The Anaconda Operation was declared a success but 200+/- of the 1000+/-
diehard Taliban and Al Qaida fighters probably escaped to Pakistan?

Mar 22, 2002: President Bush, believing that poverty can spawn violence,
proposed more aid to poor countries in exchange for recipients ridding themselves
of corruption and working for economic reform.  French President Jacques Chirac
agreed. / Int

May 7, 2002: Easter 2002 marked the worst wave of chaos betwen Israel and
Palestine.  Peace talks stopped. Arafat was confined to his quarters for a month
surrounded by Israeli tanks.  Palestinian militants fought from inside the Church of
the Nativity in Bethlehem.  A tentative agreement to end the siege was reached thhis
morning, it did later / TV

May 24, 2002:  Bush and Putin signed the Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty / Int, TV

June 16, 2002: Bush gave CIA OK to "get Saddam" / Int

June 23, 2002: E Arizona wildfires coalesced to a giant 250,000 acres, 50 mile
fireline, out of control / Int

Jul 27,2002: House passed Homeland Security Bill : News/Int

Sep 11, 2002:  US and the world commemorated the first year anniversary of 9-11.
All 2801 names of those who died in the World Trade Center, 40 in Shanksville, Pa
and 184 at the Pentagon, total of 3025 were read.  A moment of silence led by
President Bush at the S lawn of the White House was observed throughout the
country at 8:46 am, the time when the first plane hit the N Tower of WTC.  The
second plane hit the S Tower at 9:03 a.m.  The S Tower fell at 10:05 a.m., the
N Tower at 10:28 a.m.  Renzi recalled seeing a plane at an acute angle
deliberately flying into the Pentagon at 8:42 a.m. and slamming into the wall at
8:43 a.m.  Family members of the Flight 93 heroes met President and Mrs.
Bush for the first time. /Fox 1

Sep 12, 2002: President Bush addressed the UN clearly pointing out Saddam
Hussein's violation of all UN sanctions.  The US is willing to cooperate with
the UN in a new resolution to force Iraq to comply.  The world does NOT
need a regime that can supply terrorists with weapons of mass destruction.
Leaders have a choice between a world of fear or of progress. /TV, Int, News

Sep 24, 2002:  British Prime Minister Tony Blair published a dossier on Iraq's Weapons
of Mass Destruction.  Saddam Hussein has increased his arsenal both in quantity and
capability.  He is only 5 years away from having his own nuclear bomb. /Int

Oct. 12, 2002: Bali hotel bomb killed at least 180; 10-19-02: 200 possible total deaths / Int/News

Oct 17, 2002: Black Hole confirmed / Int

Oct 17, 2002: 7 killed in bomb explosion in S. Philippines; US troops to
stay; 10-20-02: Current head of Abu Sayaf group captured; 10-21-02: Jailed
2002 bomb accomplish said explosions in Manila on 12-2000 linked to cleric
suspected of Bali hotel bombing / Int; 11-13-02: Young recruits willing to kill and die can re-start new wave of terrorism; 11-18-02: Abu Sayaf planned series of bombings of government and economic sites; 12-29-02: More bombings in Mindanao killed a mayor anc others / Int

Oct 18, 2002: Pope John Paul  II added "Luminous Mysteries" to the Holy

Oct 26, 2002: Moscow theater hostage situation ewsolved on 3rd day of crisis.
Sleeping gas pumped into the building before troops stormed in.  Chechnya rebels
dead, 69 hostages dead;  10-27-02: total of 115 hostages dead from the gas.;
10-28-02: total dead hostages from the gas 116, doctors at the hospital still did
not know content of the gas used;  10-29-02: Gas identified as Fentanyl;10-29-02: Russian helicopter shot down by
Chechnyan missile ; 12-29-02: two bomb explosions caused by suicide bombers killed 35, injured60+/ Int

Oct 28, 2002: US diplomat gunned in Jordan / Int

31 October 2002: Earthquake in San GuilianoDi Puglia buried 1st graders under debris of a scholhouse.  2 children shown alive on TV /TV; 11-1-02: 28 total dead mostly children / Int

5 November 2002: USA used experimental Laser to shoot down artillery; 11-13-02: USA plans to use fuel cell bases land transportation to help environment / Int

18 November 2002: UN inspectors scheduled to be back in Iraq after 4 years; Hijacker planning a 9-11 like attack in Tel Aviv was overpowered by guards aboard an El Al flight to Istanbul; Iran confronts militant students; Videotape showing Osama bin Ladin alive was declared authentic; 11-25-02: UN inspectors actually arrived in Iraq / Int

21 Nov  2002: US may try to create single cell organisms that can produce hydrogen for fuel and absorb carbon dioxide to cut down on the world's greenhouse problem / Int

26 Dec 2002: N Korea put rods in nuclear reactor; 1-10-03: N Korea exitsNuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, started talks with former UN Ambassador Richardson/ Int

26 Dec 2002: 1st cloned baby (Eve) born by C Section outside USA/ Raelians/Clonaid/Int

16 Jan 2003: Empty warheads not included in the WMD declaration found by UN inspectors in Iraq ; 1-23-03: Scientists refused to give interviews without an Iraqi official present/ Int

21 Jan 2003: 7.8 R earthquake in Colima, Jalisco and Mexico City, 25 killed / Int

1 February 2003:  Thr US Spaceship Columbia exploded after reentry over Dallas, Texas.  All 7 astronauts aboard including the ist Israeli in space Col Ilan Ramon and Kampala Chowla originally from India.  Thry were doing scientific experiments for the benefit of humanity on their 16 day mission.  Debris were scattered over a 2500 sq mi area.  The first finding was is Palestine (Texas); 2-5-03: Debris found as far as California and Louisiana  / TV

11 February 2003: Hydrogen fuel cell technology now available / TV

17 February 2003: Record snowstorm in New York City; Earthquake S California (2-22}, Central Philippines (2-22), W China (2-23)/ Int

20+/- February 2003: Philippines: Iraqi diplomat expelled because a cell phone call on 10-3-02, a day after a US soldier and two others were killed in a bomb blast, from a member of the Al Sayaf group was traced to him.; 3-2-03: US and Philippine governments to iron out non-combat role of additional US troops to fight Al Qaeda connected Al Sayaf group; 3-4-03: A bomb explosion killed 14 including 1 American and injured 140+ in Davao airport; Another explosion miles away also with injuries AZ Republic/TV

21 February 2003: UN Inspector Hans Blix ordered all 100 - 140 Al Samoud 2 missiles destroyed; 3-1-03: Saddam reluctantly started slowly /Int

March 2003: There is a worldwide split into three spheres (US/UK and few others, Islamic Fundamentalists and EU) as shown by the difficulty in the UN and NATO over the Iraq issue / Good News, March-April 2003; PREVIEW OF NEW BABYLON: France, Germany and Russia consistently disagreed and threatened to veto the US. UK and Spain compromise resolution.  The French ambassador actually made a reference to "those who wish to join the EU" during one of the Security Council debates / MDG

17 March 2003: Repeated attempts by US and UK and later Spain to get a second UN resolution to use force to disarm Saddam Hussein failed.  France, Germany and Russia consistently threatened to veto any resolution authorizing force.  Based in Resolution 1441 accepted unanimously by the UN SEcurity Council on Nov. 2002 mandating Saddam Hussein to disarm immediately and completely or face serious consequences, US Pres GW Bush offered Saddam and his sons the option of going into exile in 48 hours from 3-17-03 8:00 PM. EST/US; 3-18-03: The offer was rejected\ 3-20-03 5:30 am Iraq time and date, the first missile strike occurred\ 3-21-03: A Day started at 1 PM US EST; 4-1-03 / Rescue of POW Jessica Lynch; 4-9-03: Fall of Baghdad; 4-11-03: Looting in Baghdad; 4-12-03: More firefights, hospital looting and fight; 4-13-03: 7 remaining POW's rescued; 4-14-05: Combined US troops and Iraqi police patrol; 4-14-03: Fall of Tikrit (last major battle, continued smaller fights ; 4-15-03: UR: 1st post war Iraqi new leadership meeting in a gold and white tent ; 4-17-03: First Iraqi Force (FIF) patrolling Baghdad' increasing resistance by Arab group in Mozul / TV,Int.

April 2003:: "Mountain 9 stadia (mi) round shall drown civilizations including antiquities."  (N) Shortly after the fall of Baghdad, during the security gap while preparing for the battle of Tikrit (2 mi x 3 mi), professionals broke into the Iraq Museum with consequent loss of artifacts dating back to 5000 BC.  Looting goes on ; 4-11-03: Baghdad mosque: Religious leader castigated attendees about looting; 4-16-03: UN meeting to control trafficking of Iraq antiquities;4-17-03: Conclusion: Looting done by experts who had keys/ TV/Int;

EASTER SUNDAY: 20 April 2003: Baghdad: Christians celebrated Easter Sunday, had service; Shihite pilgrimage to Najar and Kerbala resumed; Marines leave, US Army in charge of city; eastern Baghdad now with electricity; gunfire sporadic, still some looting of weapons / TV/Int 

21 April: Chalabi says Saddam still alive in Iraq\ 4-23-03 Millions of US dollars found in Iraq / Int

28 April 2003: N Korea offered to scrap its nuclear program / Int

30 April 2003: New Palestinian Prime Minister and Israel's Sharon both received a copy of the "Road Map" (Mid East Peace Plan)\ 5-11-03: Abbas accepts road map; 5-25-03: Israel cabinet narrowly approves road map; 6-6-03: Hamas broke off peace talks\ 6-9-03: Abbas will not use force on Hamas, etc; dramatic increase in violence; 6-29-03: Militant groups agree on 3 month ceasefire/ Int

30 April 2003: Chernobyl shield may collapse / Int

1 May 2003: 6.4 R earthquake in Celtiksoyu, Turkey; 5-5-03? Start of srties of killer tornadoes, rains and floods in Mid West USA\\ 6-20-03 Wildfires in Tucson, AZ, etc; 6-26-03: Tornadoes at Bufalo Lake, Minn/ int/TV

1 May 2003: "major combat is over, war is not" George W. Bush (re: Iraq) / Int

4 May 2003:Mass graves dug up in Iraq\ 5-9-03 graves may be key to Kuwait POW;s / Int

7 May 2003: US: vehicle found in Iraq a month earlier fits description of mobile bioweapons lab / Int

10 May 2003: Koranado City, Mindanao, Philippines: 13+ killed in bomb blast.  Abu Sulaiman called radio station to claim responsibility for the Abu Sayaf group / Int

10 May 2003: Iranian opposition in Iraq \ 6-10-03: 2 Iranian women burn selves in Paris in protest of round-up of Iranian oppositionists in exile/ Int

24 June 2003: British Foreign Minister Jack Straw denied WMD was exaggerated / Int

2 July 2003: Palestinian police take over Bethlehem, Israel moved out of Northern Gaza, truce to last 3 months (good start); 8-2-03 Al Aqsa Brigades end truce; 8-9-03: Israeli raid on bomb lab killed 2 Hamas members and 1 Palestinian; 8-10: Israeli warplanes blast Hezbollah areas;  8-19-03: Israrli Bus #2 car bomb explosion claimed by Islamic Jihad and Hamas; 8-23-03 Assets of 6 Hamas leaders frozen by US; 8-30-03: 5th Israeli missile attack in 5 days killed 2 Hamas members / Int

22 July 2003: Saddam's 2 sons and 1 grandson killed in firefight ; 8-2-03:all 3 buried covered with Iraqi flag / Int

8-1-03: Top aide said Saddam got rid of weapons of mass destruction but continued charade to discourage France, Russia and Belgium from joining the Attack on Iraq / Int

8-2-03: Al Aqsa Brigades end Palestine-Israeli truce / Int

8-5-03: Jakarta: Car bomb explosion outside of Marriott Hotel killed 13, Al Qaeda blamed / Int

8-6-03 Weapons cache found in series of US raids in Iraq / Int

8-7-03: Iraq Jordan Embassy: 14+ killed in suicide bomb; Al Qaeda suspected / Int

8-11-03 Liberia President Taylor resigned after 14 years in power to stop civil war / Int

8-16-03: Iraqi oil pipeline blew up cutting export to Turkey / Int

8-19-03: UN Embassy in Iraq car bomb explosion killed 15+including UN Coordinator for Iraq Sergio Vieira De Mello/ Int

8-21-03: Chemical Ali captured ALIVE! / Int

8-22-03 Australia: Record size Ozone Hole predicted / Int

8-24-03: Ethnic fighting in Kirkuk / Int

8-25-03 India: 2 blasts killed 44+, wounded 150 /Int

8-29-03 Najaf 's Imam Ali Mosque (where Mohammed's son-in-law is burried)  car bonb killed 85+ including top Shihite Cleric Ayatollah Mohammed Bakir al-Hakim; 19 Al Qaeda suspects arrested; 9-1-03 Saddam's newest tape denied responsibility but did not mention Jordanian Embassy / Int

9-2-03  New Police Headquarters, Baghdad: 4th suicide bombing in 4 wks, no deaths / Int

9-6-03: Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas resigned.  Israel refuses to recognize Arafat as Palestinian leader, senior officer suggested exile; Israel raid wounded Hamas' founder Sheik Ahmed Yassin / Int

11-20-03 Istanbul. Turkey: Trucks packed with explosives blew up a British based bank (HSBC)  and the British Consulate.  Among the 27 dead was British Consul-General Roger Short.  At least 450 were wounded.  A man called the Anatolia News and stated that Al Qaeda and the militant Islamic Great Eastern Raiders Front (IBDA-C) claimed responsibility for the attacks.  Osama bin Ladin claimed responsibility for last Sunday's attacks / Int, TV 

12-13-03, 8:30 pm local time: Saddam Hussein was captured without incident in a dugout "spider hole" in Adwar, 10 miles away from Tikrit /TV/Int

12-19-03: British Prime Minister Tony Blair and US President George W. Bush announced within minutes of each other that Libya's Col. Moammaer Gadhafi admitted developing weapons of mass destruction and will open the country to international weapons inspectors and dismantle all programs.  The Libyan leader started talks with Great Britain and the US in March following successful negotiations on Lockerbie. Libya has developed a nuclear infrastructure, was seeking chemical weapons, dual use items that could be used in a biological weapons program, and has Soud-B ballistic missiles with a range of 186 miles.TV/Int

Christmas Season 2003: US, 12-9-03: First animal victim of Mad Cow Disease; Leyte, Philippines, 12-21-03: Illegal deforestation and rains caused mudslides killing 125; US: Iran, 12-26-03: Earthquake toll may reach 40,000; California: mudslides/TV/Int

1-25-04: Ilan Ramon's diary was found.  Entries were in Hebrew.  The book was sent to Israel.  His widow had no comment / Int

2-1-04:  (CLUSTER) 1st anniversary of the Columbia disaster; 2 separate suicide bombings in 2 Kurdish camps killed 56+/-; 8 killed in Afghanistan; Iran legislators resigned to protest removal of candidates, cleric has last say on matter; GW Bush announced WMD independent investigation team to be formed after Former Weapons Inspector David Kay announced absence of WMD in Iraq;  244 Dead in Hajj, Saudi Arabia, British Airways and Air France, etc. cancelled  flights due to terror related alerts, AZ Women's State Prison ended 15 day hostage situation; 2-10-04: suicide bombing in Shiite area police station killed 50+/-, Attempted shooting of Shiite cleric  and letter from a Palestinian/Jordanian Al Qaeda member boasting several suicide bombings in past plus message to derail elections by 6-30-04 days earlier; 2-11-04: Suicide bombing S of Baghdad killing 40 +/- prospective army volunteers; 2-12-04: Gen Abizaid's party attacked in Fallujah, Iraq, more BA & AF flights cancelled  / Int;  Worst violence in Iraq and other Al Qaeda sources/locations from April to June 2004/ MDG

6-8-04: Transit of Venus; 6-10-04 /TV. Int: UN Secretary General Kofi Annan received an honorary Doctorate of Law at Harvard University for his choice of the Plow rather than the Sword / Commencement exercises, Harvard University

6-28-04: US handed Iraq over to Iraq Interim Government, Diplomatic relations with Iraq and Libya/ TV/Int

6-30-04: Saddam and 11 others handed over to Iraq TV/Int

Aug - Sep 2004: Russia, 8-2004: 2 planes left from different places soon after each other and crashed.  Chechnyan rebels took responsibility.  Days later. a woman Chechnyan terrorist blew self up outside a subway station.:  Moscow 9-1-04: 1200 hostages kept in a school by Muslim militants; children and family members were celebrating first day of school; 3rd day of negotiations 9-3-04: an explosion from inside the school was heard; fleeing schoolchildren were shot by captors stationed on the roof; Russian solldiers fired back; 350 were dead, 150 were children, 26 terrorists were killed, 1 captured, 3 escaped, 10 were ARABS' 3 days of official mourning and burying the dead followed; President Putin vowed to find out more about the 2 leaders /TV

9-12-04: N Korea: Another railroad "accident" with multiple deaths and injuries, this time producing a crater so big it was recorded by satellite photo, "no evidence of nuclear testing",/ Int, similar to no evidence of Weaponized WMD conclusion in Iraq in the face of camouflage covered "fertilizers" in a fertile land, mobile manufacturing vehicles fitting previous description of mobile WMD labs and empty missile with special markings "initially" testing "trace positive" for WMD not confirmed by "more sensitive?" tests / *I hope we do not spend millions of dollars, man power and time conducting independent investigations later.  We have more serious problems that would require these resources and better save them for later / MDG; 9-17-04: S Korea now says the report of an explosion was an intelligence failure; 2 blasts on 2 days were for the purpose of starting a hydroelectric plant project / Int

9-18-04 Vienna, Austria: A 35 nation meeting of the UN atomic watchdog agency demanded that Iran suspend all aspects of Uranium enhancement setting an indirect November deadline for Tehran to heed its conditions ? Int

9-25-04 Iran Defense Minister AL Shamkani announced that the Shahab-3 strategic missile capable of reaching Israel and US military troops in the Mid East was successfully test fired during military exercises by the Revolutionary Guard Sept 12 - 18, 2004 and delivered to the armed forces.  Now they are ready to confront anyone. / Int

10-9-04: Afghanistan held successful elections\ 10-26-04: Vote count showed Karzai won /Int

10-28-04: Palestine: Yasser Arafat was transferred out of Ramallah per helicopter with Israel's permission because of serious illness / TV; arrived in Paris by jet, admitted to Hospital d' instruction des Armees de Percy.  Diagnosis was LOw Blood Platelet count, cause unknown.; 11-11-04:  Yasser Arafat died in France, Palestine soon afterwards announced Prime Minister Abbas as successor.  Arafat's body was flown to Cairo for funeral preparations; Actual services were held the following morning;. 11-12-04: Arafat's body was flown to Ramallah for burial.  His coffin was laid in a tomb and shall be kept ready for future transfer to the Temple Mount in the event that such becomes possible. /TV, Int/

10-30-04: In a videotape, Osama bin Laden admitted having masterminded the Sept 11 New York City attack and warns of another possibility unless the US stops threatening to attack the Middle East.  He also stated that it DOES NOT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE IF GEORGE W. BUSH OR JOHN KERRY WINS.THE us PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS / Int 

12-11-2004 Vienna, Austria:  Ukraine's opposition leader and presidential candidate Victor Yuschenko's mysterious Sept'04 illness was diagnosed as Dioxan poisoning. Tests showed he had 1000 x level of what would "normally" be absorbed orally. Tests also showed that Dioxan was administered through the oral route.  Ukraine's 11-04 elections were declared illegal and re-elections have been scheduled for 12-26-04 ; 12-16-04: Further tests showed a blood level of 6000 x normal; TCDD, the key ingredient Agent Orange was identified as the substance used / Int1

12-26-2004:  The worst natural disaster in history hit areas as far apart as Inconesia, Sri Lanka, India, Sumatra and Africa  when an epic tsunami washed their shores after an earthquake in the Indian Ocean.  1-4-05 A Tsunami warning system similar to the Pacific one is being planned for the Indian Ocean.  The estimated death toll is 155.000; 3-28-2005: An 8.7 R earthquake occurred in Indonesia, 300-2000 death estimated.  No tsunami followed / Int/TV

1-2-2005: Ontario admitted 2nd case of Mad Cow Disease after the US agreed to open beef trade with Canada. /Int

1-10-2005: Former Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas was elected President of Palestine; 1-11-05: Palestinian militants continue rocket attacks / Int

1-10-2005: La Conchita, California, USA: Climate changes are happening all over the world including here at home.  It is going to get worse with temperatures and bodies of water rising.  More tsunamis can occur.  5 days of torrential rain caused 28 deaths in Ventura County including the 10 in La Conchita caused by a 30 ft mudslide rolling over 15 homes. There were floods in N Arizona, Nevada and Utah / Int / TV

1-18-2005:  Iraqi citizens residing in the US registered to vote in the upcoming 1-30-05 Iraq elections.  A Catholic Archbishop kidnapped in Iraq the previous day was released without paying the demanded $200,000 ransom / TV

4-2-2005:  The prolonged suffering of Pope John Paul II was relieved by God'  May the Holy Spirit enlighten the College of Cardinals that the members select THE successor who will actually broker peace worldwide.  Let us pray / <MDG; 4-19-05: The former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Bavaria, Germany was selected by the conclave of 115 Cardinals as Pope.  He took the name Pope Benedict XVI / TV/Int

4-6-2005: Bsghdad: The Iraq Parliament chose Kurdish leader Jalai Talabani president of Iraq Adel Abdul-Mahdi, a Shihite, and Ghazi al-Yawer, a Sunni Arab, were chosen as Vice Presidents / Int

4-6-2005: Monaco: 81 year old Prince Ranier III expired at 6:30 am.  Prince Albert is to succeed.  Next in line are Princess Caroline and then her oldest son Andrea / Int

5-3-2005: The first Democratic governmet of Iraq took office in spite of some vacant key positions.  Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari and others were sworn in/ TV/Int

5-26-2005: Baghdad: The Interior Minister believes that insurgent Jordanian Zarqawi may have been wounded or even died but may have appointed a deputy.  Iraqi soldiers circle Baghdad / Int

June 2005: There is PERSECUTION of Christians in Muslim countries, China, probably N. Korea and Hindu areas of India / Good News Magazine

6-21-2005: Copenhagen, Denmark: Human clone from unfertilized human eggs successfully created in vitro.  The intention is purely therapeutic / Int

7-4-2005: USA celebrated Independence Day by sending NASA shuttle Temple I on a direct, intentional collision with a comet. 82 million miles away  Collected debris shall be used for the study of the origin of planets / TV/Int; The technique can be used to shove unwanted asteroids from collision with earth / Discovery Channel Program/TV

7-7-2005: 4 bombs exploded within a minute of each other in 3 subway trains and 1 double deck bus in London during early morning rush hours.  There are 56 confirmed dead and several missing.  1 of 4 suspected suicide bomber may have been among the dead ; 7-21-05; london: Explosions in 3 subways and 1 double deck bus but no deaths; 7-22-05: Suspect arresested and shot dead; 7-23-05; dead man was erroneously suspected; 7-25-05: More suspects arrested; There may be a 5th suspect at large; Rare order to shoot to kill is in effeect for the time being /TV/Int

7-10-2005: Ex foes sign new Sudan constitution.  Muslims, Christians and Animists to resolve differences.  Darfur rebels and government negotiators sign agreement / Arizona Republic

7-11-2005: Bombs exploded near a power station in Spain.  Basques claim responsibility / Int

7-12-2005: NASA: A temporary window cover fell off Shuttle Discovery damaging some thermal tiles which were quickly repaired.  Lift off was re-scheduled for 3:51 PM EST the following day; 7-13-05: Another delay was caused by 1 of 4 external fuel tanks reading "empty" ; 7-26-05: After several delays, Discovery had a successful lift off at 7:39 am AZ time/10:30 am EST/\ 7-27: NASA reported damage to foam insulation; Discovery docked at the International Space Station to deliver supplies and help fix errant gyros; 8-4: Environmmental earth damage seen from space; Foam insulation damaged material protruding from the surface were removed "easier" than thought; 8-6: Ship undocked from ISS and headed home but landing cancelled for the following day because of low clouds in Florida.  Discovery landed safely a day later in New Mexico.  Future flights for the spaceship fleet are on hold till problems are resolved /Int

7-23-2005: Sharm El Sheik, Egypt: Multiple blasts killed at least 88 at the Ghazala Gardens hotel lobby and coffee house:  Hours later, the Abdulah Azzam Brigades, with ties to Al Qaeda claimed it was done to avenge the deathdeath of Muslims in Afghanistan, Iran{?) and Chechnya; 7-26-05: One of the bodies was identified as that of an Egyptian tied to terrorist groups /TV/Int

SERIES 2005: Aug: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans hardest hit, involved most of Louisiana, parts of Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, 1200+ dead; Sept: Hurricane Rita, Gulf Coast, re-saturating Texas, New Orleans; October: 6- Mudslides in Guatemaola, 1000+ dead; 8- 7.6 R earthquake mostly in Pakistan, also in India, felt as far as Kabul, 35000+ dead: 10- floods in New Hampshire, 10 dead; heavy snow in Colorado, 3+ dead ; Nov. Tornadoes in Indiana /TV / Int

10-27-05:  Accidental electrocution of teenagers who believed they were pursued by police sparked violence in Paris. Widespread rioting across France followed, high unemployment of immigrants, mostly Muslims, possibly a factor /TV/Int

11-9-2005: Suicide bkmb attack at the Hyatt Hotel in Amman, Jordan; attackers Iraqi / TV/ Int

2-17-2006: Leyte, Philippines: Massive mudslide after 2 weeks of rain burries 1600 + people; 1 child rescued but died that night from earlier head injuries; about 240 children trapped in school / TV/news

6-6-06: Transition in Iraq Al Qaeda leadership:  Death of Al Zarqawi during a raid the preceding night announced 6-7-2006. 

9-2-2006: Smart I hit planned impact site on the moon 10:41 PM.  There is ongoing monitoring for asteroids, etc. larger than 1 km in diameter.

9-8-2006: Israel stopped blockade of Lebanon Airport ending near crisis conflict which started when Hezbollah abducted 2 Israelis 7-4-06. 

9-9-06: Space Shuttle Atlantis is on its way to the International Space vehicle which is only a portion of the Space Station.  The 6 member crew is bringing tons of materials such as solar panels for the Space Lab

11-4-2006: Teheran: "Death to USA and Israel" rang out as the 27th year anniversary of the US embassy takeover by Iran was celebrated.

11-5-2006: Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death by Iraqi court.:  12-30-2006: Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging.


??3797: End of the world / NT/NI

Final Comments:

The 3rd part of the secret of Fatima was revealed to the general
public on June 26, 2000.  The original letter by Sr. Lucia
was dated Jan 3, 1944.  Main points:
1. Vision of the clergy going up a steep mountain, ruins of a city, rough hewn
cross, clergy being killed: tribulations and persecution of the Church
2. Vision of an angel saying in a loud voice "PENANCE, PENANCE,
PENANCE" and a flaming sword that could burn the earth on his left hand-
threat of judgement by fire
3. The Blessed Mother's radiance overshadowed the flame. She said:
"My Immaculate Heart will triumph."  "The open heart purified by
contemplation of God is stronger than guns and weapons of every kind."


  These information are gathered from different sources. 

Time will tell which shall come true and which ones shall be averted or modified.

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