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Started  21 May 2006

      One of the many TV programs about the book and movie “Da Vinci Code” mentioned arguments already discussed by others including the presence of a hole 0n the ancient scroll found in Qumrun bearing the Gospel of Philip.  The hole is strategically located where the word “mouth” was supposed to be where it was written that Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene often on the ____. 

     Also mentioned was the previous refutation of Leonardo Da Vinci Aand others membership in the Priori of Sion which did not exist before 1956 +/-.

     A new argument, the possible DNA similarity between natives of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s country and the royal Merovigian family if indeed a child of Jesus and Mary Magdalene married into that family was discussed.  DNA samples were obtained from members of the Syriac Orthodox Church and the body of Queen Aregunde.  That of the latter was definitely European without markers or characteristics found in those of the Mid Eastern residents of the area where Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s families used to live.  They still speak Aramaic. **

     The particular episode of “Digging for the Truth”, hosted by Jack Bernstein was aired on 20 May 2006, 8:00 P.M., Arizona date and time, on Channel 59, the History Channel.

     At 8:00 P.M. on 25 May 2006 on Channel 48, the Travel Channel, another search story was aired.  This time, Andrew Sinclair in England was interviewed, did not have a DNA test.  Michael Stewart in Scotland replied in the affirmative when asked if he believed that he is a descendant of Jesus Christ.  I do not know if he interpreted the question literally or metaphorically.  Later, I ran across an article saying that Merovech (Son of the Sea), father of the Merovigian dynasty and other royal rulers before him believed that they descended from the god WOTAN.  Only tall, long haired, blonde males could be chosen as king.  They married within the extended family resulting in a tight, intricately woven genealogy.  The sword further narrowed down competition and gave rise to a bloody history.

    Also, Henry Lincoln personally appeared on a separate TV documentary.  When he stated that there was something fishy about the Merovigians because a fish symbol was found on one of their documents, he may have said something true for a change.  There supposedly also was a letter in a hollow pillar that read something like  “I was swimming in the sea and was impregnated by a fish,”  (I was lost in the sea of questions and was enlightened by the Holy Spirit?)  Clovis converted to Catholic Christianity after winning an important battle.  A number of Merovigians including Queen Arregunde, whose DNA was tested, are saints.

     Following the same advice I plan to give everyone, I shall stop seeking more untruths about the so called bloodline.  The author of the “Princess Sarah” character stated that the blood personality was made up by her.  The girl she based the story on was NOT originally aboard the ship that carried Mary Magdalene. Martha, Lazarus, St. Maximin, Cidon, Mary Caiphas, Mary Salome, more than sixty others, the body of St. Anne, and precious relics.  According to legends, Sarah was on French soil when she had a vision of the ship and realized that she had to save the Saints Mary (Mary Caiphas and Mary Salome, sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary).   Sara al Kali (Black Sarah) managed to get to and aboard the ship and guide the pilgrims to the port.  She was NOT related to anyone on board.  She was about eleven years old.  This happened about fourteen years after the Ascension at about 42 AD.   Saint Sara al Kali’s shrine is in the same crypt where the bodies the Saints Marys of the Sea (Mary Caiphas and Mary Salome) are buried.

     The Merovigian dynasty started four centuries later after Merovech, a Frankish prince and ruler of the Catalone Fields,  defeated Attilla the Hun in battle and later succeeded Clodion, King of Salic Franks, successor of Pharamond.  It was NOT Sara who married into the French royal family anyhow.  Queen Basina, originally Princess of Thuringia, married Clodion, Merovech’s father or father-in-law.  She later was wed to a Thurigian king.  At this time, she was seduced by Childeric, son of Merovech who was then staying with Thuringian relatives.  Queen Basina of Thuringia then left her husband to be Childeric’s queen.  Clovis was born later.  Queen  (Haregunde) Aregunde (St, Radegunde), great grandaughter of Merovech, married Clothaire, the “Old king of France” then entered the convent years later.

     The Merovigians were part of a federation of tribes comprising the Salian (Salic) Franks, not French.  Though Clodion occupied Gaul, it was Clovis, grandson of Merovech, who finally was able to attach it to his territory.  The Salian Franks lived in what is now the Southern Netherlands and Northern Belgium.  The name Salian was derived from the river Salle.

     Prior to the 430’s AD, Gaul was under Roman rule.  During the reign of Merovech, the Empress of the Roman Empire, Galla Placidia, governed in the name of her four year old son, Valentinus III.  She appointed the Gallo-Roman Aetius who really was a Bulgarian (Silastrian) in charge of maintaining Roman authority over Gaul.

     According to the Golden Legend, St. Mary Magdalene, shortly after arrival in Marseilles, was able to convince a nobleman and his wife to share their home with the pilgrims.  The couple had no children and asked Mary Magdalene to intercede for them in their quest for a descendant.  The wife got pregnant.  At this time, the husband had to travel to Rome for official business.  The wife insisted on going with him in spite of the dangers of facing possible pregnancy and delivery complications during a difficult voyage.  There would be no expert help nor proper equipment. He tried to dissuade her but she won.  Mary Magdalene marked them with a cross on the shoulder, blessed them and dispatched them to St. Peter who would show them important places in Rome and vicinity.  She went into labor en route.  Due to the previous hardships encountered during the trip and the stress of labor and delivery, the wife died.  The healthy male infant had no way to get nourishment.  The passengers demanded that both the corpse and the infant be thrown overboard.  He pleaded and offered them  bribes to persuade them to stop at an island to bury the woman and the infant.  The ground was too hard to dig so he simply laid her body on the rocky shore and placed the infant face down between her breasts, covered them with his cloak and left them.  When St. Peter saw the mark, he was kind to him and showed him and told him stories about landmarks important to Christians.  Then it was time for the voyage home.  The man pleaded and bribed again to stop at the island to visit his wife and son’s bodies.  He was surprised to see the then two year old boy playing with pebbles at the water’s edge.  The boy got scared as it was his first time to see a stranger.  The man, curious to find out how the boy survived, followed the latter who lifted the familiar cloak revealing his wife.  Then she revived. When he started narrating his experiences, she said.  “I know.  Mary told me everything.  She was with me all through the labor, delivery and these past two years.  She repeated everything that Peter told you.”  So they journeyed back home to rejoin the Christians they left behind.  They destroyed the temples and idols in Marseilles and built churches.  Then May Magdalene went into seclusion and a life of meditation in Sainte Baume.

     The fish symbol was the code ID of the early Christians during the years of persecution.  Members of the koikonos of Fishers of Men and close associates enjoyed its protection and benefits. 

     When Muhammad was supposedly given instructions by the Angel Gibril, he managed to understand that there is one God and that Jesus was conceived by the Blessed Virgin Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit.  However, Muhammad did not believe that Jesus is God the Son.  In Sera 4, I pointed out that we need the grace of God and enlightenment by the Holy Spirit to believe in the mysteries of God.  Also, I mentioned the possibility of environmental noise causing interference during the special education sessions.  ***I was referring to the dichotomy in beliefs and teachings within the early Christian community regarding the Divinity of Christ.  It persisted even after the Council of Nicea through the 600’s to the 700’s.  It is the same situation now.  How many souls will be led astray by modern fantastic fiction?  On July 22, St. Mary Magdalene’s feast day, please remember to pray for all those souls.  If we manage to start early and continue indefinitely, so much the better.  Please be generous enough to include writers, the Internet, the media and promoters in your prayers.  Thanks.

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