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Magdalena's Treasures. PO Box 12096, Casa Grande, AZ 85230 USA

Fax (520) 876-9112

Home of dr G's Exercise and Information Video

Business closed 18 May 2005

dr G's last creation:

In her second website, dr G's "i" Page, related to the video featured

 above, she explained Retinitis pigmentosa in lay terms.

A recent travelogue included health advice for her family and others.

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On February  21, 2005, Participants, Staff Members, and Investigators were honored.



She has been a Zontian for many years.

Zonta is promoting world peace among other things such as the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Click on the icon below:

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She is a strong believer in war prevention.

She has been asking everyone to pray for world peace since 1998.


She is vocal about the world situation.and issues


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