Magdalena D. Guerrero, M.D. (dr G)

31 July 2006





Thank you for helping to get the food labels show the amount of TRANS-FAT content in prepared foods and cooking ingredients.  Though some manage to get around that regulation, it is great to see that some manufacturers have actually started reporting its presence and amount honestly.  More importantly, some food products are now cooked with UNHYDROGENATED OIL.  This is something that I thought would never happen.  Now, we need to tackle other unsuspected problems that the general public may not be aware of and are consuming regularly and are inadvertently ruining their health without warning.  Again, many thanks on behalf of the human race.

dr G


1.     Basil Seasoning (salt, basil, sugar, MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE): use REAL BASIL (when the word seasoning, flavor, mix, etc. is used, it implies the almost absence of the real food and substitution of a protein hydrolysed with MSG to absorb the flavor being faked thus providing a hidden addition of MSG to the product)

2.      Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG): use REAL flavoring agents (MSG is a GLUTAMATE, derivative of Glutamic acid which is a good amino acid good for the brain, etc. but when used or abused or given frequently as supplements or good tasting food prematurely wears out the garter like mechanism of the enzyme receptor involved in its uptake.  Thus glutamate gradually becomes useless depriving the brain of stimulation leading to brain function deterioration).  A treatment option for Alsheimer’s Disease introduced a few years ago is based on this degeneration of elasticity and function of the glutamate receptor.  It did not result in magic.  As in clothing, the elastic needs to be replaced or a new piece of clothing has to be purchased to substitute for the old one.  There is no replacement for the human brain.  Robots are not that advanced yet.

3.     Partially hydrogenated soybean: use Olive Oil or other NON-HYDROGENATED oil (Soybean does NOT need hydrogenation.  Soybean Oil does to prolong shelf life and to thicken it to a cream or butter like consistency.  It becomes a TRANS-FAT which is worse than SATURATED FAT and needs to be reported as such in the product label)

 4.     Hydrolysed corn protein: use more real flavoring agents (See Basil Seasoning)

5.     Diglycerides: (1 step beloe TRIGLYCERIDES which is a combination of carbohydrates and fats thus adding unsuspected fat in the product and has to be included in the total fat portion of the label): use Olive Oil or other NON-Hydrogenated oil

6.     Modified food starch (see Basil Seasoning): use more real food flavoring agents

7.     Disodium Monosulphate: cook food and sauce adequately and refrigerate, etc. to avoid spoilage (little bits of preservatives preserve little bits of us before cremation is actually needed.  Please wait.)

LIST of SUGGESTED human cell compatible BASIC INGREDIENTS to choose from  for making any kind of SAUCE:


1 cup  (water, beer, wine, juice, or REAL broth from boiling real meat - not flavored cu


1 teasp minced or powdered real garlic

1 teasp chopped or powdered real onions

other fresh, dried, chopped or powdered REAL spices NOT seasoning/mix/flavor


1 tablespoon rice bran flour (thin sauce), 1 cup (thick sauce)

1 tablespoon cassava flour (thin sauce, 1 cup (thick sauce)

1 container yogurt – for creamy sauce


½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon REAL sliced. Powdered. Minced ginger

½ teaspoon pepper, curry powder, mustard or horseradish

Vinegar and sugar for sweet and sour sauce


½ teasp instant coffeee, soy sauce, saffron powder, deep colored fruits/juice, etc

To “make” sauce the easy way: simply add ingredients to the fluid in the cooking utensil before, during or after cooking the food.

Mix and coat pasta/rice/veggies in olive or other UNHYDROGENETED oil.

Saute or parboil as needed.

Add dry sauce ingredients before sauté period.

Add all ingredients before parboil period.

Add/reduce liquid as needed.

Add fresh, crunchy, colorful vegetables and/or dry roasted nuts to the top of the served food.

For clear sauce base:

Corn Starch:H2O ratio= 1/3 C : 1 ¼ C


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     Merry Christmas!!!   I retired from the practice of Medicine last July 15.   I still am continuing Magdalena's Treasures.  Shown above is the first picture on my original webpage.  It was taken by Manny in the "shop" in the living room of the old house in 1996.  At that time I had doubts as to my ability to continue earning a living because my eyes were getting bad.  I have Retinitis pigmentosa for which there is no cure ... just a bunch of promises of experimental procedures in the future that may or may not work and may not be available to all of us.  Medicine was in jeopardy so I started a back up job - a boutique.

     Driving was a big problem so we built a home a block away from my office which I opened in 1995 as part of my dual venture.  It was progressively bad but I managed to earn and save for the future and was planning to continue for two more years with medicine and continue Magdalena's Treasures till age 65 years.  Sept. 11, 2001 changed my plans drastically.  My income plunged.  Then my medical malpractice insurance company dropped Arizona.

     Anyhow,  life goes on.  I had to take out two of my annuities before they disappeared and started distributing my 401 K before the stock market erases my last dollar.  I am using those for income and concentrating on paying for our house FAST. This was supposed to be my strategy just in case I got unable to continue working at 59 1/2 and over.  I can't believe I had to resort to it because of a national or worldwide tragedy.

     Manny decided to continue working.  He was the one who was originally planning to retire next year.  He is keeping his fingers crossed about his investment.  Renee moved to Colorado last Sept.  She hopes to find a job there but is not in a hurry.  Jean will finally go through her last graduation (I hope) this June and plans to continue her academic career.

     Now tell me your story. Regards from Manny.