In the year 1999 and seven months ...

A Sign

in the


He gave us the same commandments.  We interpreted them differently. He came to redeem all of us.




   Our Lady of Guadalupe, Queen of Peace, Pray for Us

 Jesus Christ, Please Save Us

God the Father in Heaven, Forgive US


Sunday after Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday - Pray for  ...

     all that the Pope stood for

4-1-2005: As the world watched and grieved, Pope John Paul II fought against Septic Shock and associated

complications.  By evening, he said goodbye to Cardinal Ratzinger.  4-2-2005: Doctors continued to prevent

possible long term complications such as chronic renal failure and dialysis should he survive.  That  

depended on God's mercy and the Blessed Mother's intercession weighed against the need of his flock and

God's plan and the world situation. At 9:37 PM Vatican time, he finally let out his last breath. I can imagine the

Patriarch Abraham at the door of heaven showing the Book of Life to St. Peter and saying "This man has been

tested multiple times and passed with flying colors."

4-3-2005, Divine Mercy Sunday:  Eternal Father, we offer Thee the Body and Blood of Thy Son, Jesus, in

atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.  Thank You for granting Pope John Paul II his final rest. 

Please help us choose THE successor who will negotiate peace with our brothers and sisters.  May he succeed. 


*In memory of Pope John Paul II {1920-2005) 


The Last Two Popes In Rome

19 April 2005

     On April 18, 2005, the 115 members of the College of Cardinals eligible to vote started the Conclave to elect a successor to Pope John Paul II.  They may or may not have realized that the new pope has already been chosen.  It was his identity that they had to determine.  St. Malachy has predicted many years ago that two more popes are to follow the departed pope.  They are “Gloria olivae” and “Petrus Romanus”, the LAST POPE IN ROME.  As with the previous popes in St. Malachy’s list, descriptive, not  real names were given,  Few clues if any were added.  .  With the unresolved problem of spreading terrorism and unresolved conflicts specially in the middle east, world leaders, Christian and non-Christian alike, prayed for someone who can make worldwide peace a reality.  Is this the olive branch that the bird of peace did not hold in its beak when it flew back into Pope John Paul II’s window after a much hoped for successful democratic election of their own leaders in Iraq?

     The Benedictines have been saying that Gloria olivae was to come from their line.  He was to be of Jewish-French descent.  However, St. Paul wrote:  The branches of the cultivated olive tree are the descendants of Abraham. The branches of the wild olive tree grafted into the cultivated olive tree are the Christian gentiles.  Neither group is better than the other for neither one supports the roots.

     After his predecessor’s long reign, voters preferred that the new pope be not too young.  With the ever louder clamor for a change in Church rules regarding celibacy, divorce, non-abortive methods of contraception and ordination of female priests, the cardinals likely preferred a less conservative pope. 

     At the end of the conclave on 19 April 2005, ballots were burned and white smoke floated out of the Sistine Chapel chimney.  All seven bells rang as requested by Pope John Paul II before his death.  An announcement was made by the senior deacon Cardinal Jorge Arturo Medina Estivez of Chile from the balcony: “Habemus Papam:  Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who has chosen to give upon himself the name BENEDICT XVI.'  His coat of arms shows a bear carrying a backpack.

     Did the College of Cardinals actually pick out Gloria olivae?  GOK!!!  JP II later became regarded as the pope with nine lives.  He had a broken hip, was shot and had multiple illnesses.  In 1995, according to a complicated count of years served by the different popes and how many popes would reign within certain periods of time, it was determined that he would die that year.  Indeed, a plot against his life was discovered during his visit to Manila.  It was foiled and the would be assassin caught in a different country later.   The pope died the same month a full ten years later.  There also was a prediction that warned "Paul the celibate"  not to go to the country where two rivers meet.  Very few probably knew about it.  Fortunately more than enough individuals begged him not to start his Millennium Tour in Ur.  He heard unkind words in Syria but returned to the Vatican alive.  That year, he thought of retiring but something changed his mind.  During his last series of illnesses and hospitalizations, he vowed to continue his mission.  Could he have been allowed a longer term to take over that of Gloria olivae in addition to his own?

     During the series of apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, the three children had a vision of the clergy and the people being persecuted.  An angel stood beside the Blessed Virgin Mary.  With his left hand, he held and pointed a flaming sword towards earth while saying in a loud voice: “Penance!  Penance!  Penance!”  The Blessed Virgin Mary said: “The open heart purified by the contemplation of God is stronger than guns and weapons of every kind.  My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”  During one of her sppsritions, Mary held a rosary. 

      In 2003, John Paul II appointed a new cardinal in a country where the Church is being oppressed.  The cardinal's identity was not revealed to protect him from his own government.  The secret name was taken by JP II to the grave.  If he voted, it was in spirit.  God knows who his candidate was.

     There is a definite need to do penance and pray for peace as can be concluded from the visions in Fatima.  We may as well start now and hopefully be able to prevent or at least postpone or lessen the severity of the catastrophe.  As to whether or not there shall be more popes and the Church will survive, we hope that this is just a transient time of tribulation which becomes an opportunity to change and unite.  There is such a prophecy that says ... "The dog of war howls all night when the Pontiff changes bier."  The papal seat shall move.  The Church has a Coptic Pope exiled by the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in 1981. He is still alive.  The Church is growing fast in Africa.  It is not the end of the world yet.  Plan to restructure elsewhere.  Also, St. Malachy did not say that there would be no intervening pope/s before Petrus Romanus who in the final persecution of the Holy Roman Catholic Church will feed his flock amidst tribulations.  He shall appear to be great and have the allegiance of the world.  Even the elect shall be mislead.   After this Rome shall be destroyed and the terrible judge shall judge the people.

     The 265th Pope is truly the “Glory of the Olive”.  He took the name of the patron of the Benedictines.  He chose the bear carrying a backpack as his coat of arms symbolizing his humility and willingness to carry the weight of his difficult mission.  In Bavaria there is no telling how much of the population were of Jewish-French descent before and during World War II.  Edgar Cayce said that there would be ONE pope after John Paul II and he would reign for a short time.  At his age, he cannot last very long.



The Sign


"In the year nineteen hundred and ninety nine and seven months, the king of terror shall come out of the sky." ... Nostradamus.  On 15 July 1999, there was a conjunction of Venus and the moon.  It looked like the crescent and the star ... the symbol of ISLAM.  The star above is the Star of David (representing Israel) filled in with the color purple (representing Canaan or Palestine).  The rays represent the four directions and the cross stands for Christianity


The War                                     

    Nostradamus Our  Lady of Fatima
Start before July 1999 2nd half of 20th century
Duration 27 years a long time
Factions Muslims and Christians Christians & Non Christians
Root causes climate changes, DISASTERS, drought, famine, social unrest DISASTERS, poverty, corruption, wrongful deaths, loss of faith
Weapons all kinds and nuclear MASS DESTRUCTION
Solutions reverse earth changes, prevent war, lessen damage Jesus Christ ATONED for our sins, reverse poverty, do PENANCE!!! AMEND our lives; pray the ROSARY


The Foresight

Nostradamus: In 1558, he wrote his predictions in such a manner that they would survive to warn us. 

Our Lady of Fatima May 13+, 1917: The three children had a vision of people and the clergy being persecuted and killed.  A man dressed in white looking like bishop, was shot and fell looking dead.  Beside the Blessed Virgin Mary was an angel holding a flaming sword in his left hand pointing it towards earth.  He cried in a loud voice: "Penance!  Penance!!  Penance!!!" During one of her apparitions the Blessed Mother was seen holding the HOLY ROSARY.

Pope John Paul II, Dec. 8, 1983: "Precisely at the end of the second millennium, there accumulates in the horizon of all mankind enormous threatening clouds, and darkness falls upon human souls."  The chronological start of the third millennium is January 1, 2001.  On Dec. 31, 2000 (Manila date, 12-30-2000 US date), five bombs exploded in different parts of Manila.  Police suspected Al Qaeda but a jailed accomplish recently said that the cleric involved in the Bali hotel bombing is tied to it.  In Beirut, Martyrs of the al-Aqsa, a Palestinian group, claimed responsibility for killing Kahane's son.  Mair Kahane founded the anti-Arab Kach movement and advocated forcibly evicting Arabs from Israel, West Bank and Gaza. Last October 2002, the pope suggested adding the LUMINOUS MYSTERIES to the rosary to increase the time we pray to the Blessed Mother and CONTEMPLATE on God the Son at the same time.

The Promises

Nostradamus: By warning us, we can take active measures to at least modify the severity and effects of events or possibly prevent them.


Our Lady of Fatima:  "The open heart purified by the contemplation of God is stronger than guns and weapons of every kind." "My Immaculate Heart will triumph."


Eternal Father

We offer Thee the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity

of Thy beloved Son, Jesus Christ,

in ATONEMENT for our sins and those of the whole world

(See Devotion to the Divine Mercy )

Please help us do PENANCE for our sins

CONTEMPLATE on God and AMEND our lives

Please calm the earth

divert storm waters to areas of need

grow food in every nation

resolve conflicts throughout the globe

prevent nuclear and mass destruction weapons use

for peace all over the world



Protests did not prevent war.  Prayers brought the POW's back.

Saddam supposedly got rid of his Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Indeed none were found.  The US and UK looked like fools.  However. the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction was EFFECTIVELY PREVENTED.  He rewarded families of suicide bombers.  Suicide bombers' vests were found in Iraq during the war.

Saddam was captured on December 13, 2003,; Raypoz candidate I was stopped, Raypoz candidates II and III are under close watch by the world.  Israel bombed Saddam's would be nuclear facility in 1981.  Parts necessary to manufacture a nuclear bomb were found buried under a rose bush in Iraq.  They were there for future use. The Oil for Food Program was used for kickbacks and payoffs for years and possibly for funding current insurgencies. etc. On 5 November 2006, Saddam Hussein was sentenced to DEATH by Iraqi court.  He was executed by hanging on 30 December 2006.

Afghanistan held successful elections on 9 October 2004.

Osama bin Laden, in a videotape aired on TV 10-30-2004 admitted masterminding the September 2001 New York City attack and warns of another possibility if The USA does not stop threatening to attack the Middle East.  He stated that whether George W. Bush or John Kerry wins the US Presidential election DOES NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Iraq is just a part of the 27 year war which ending date is NOT dependent on who wins the US elections. It held the first successful democratic elections in over a quarter of a century on January 30, 2005 in spite of bomb explosions.  The Iraqi people SPOKE.

Libya's Col. Ghadafi stopped his WMD program on December 19, 2003.

Terrorists and insurgents are revealing their presence, identities and destructive abilities all over the world.  Al Sadr and Jordainian Al Zarqawi and followers could not have just recently immigrated and organized their respective movements in Iraq.  The latter r (10-2004) proclaimed his ties with Al Qaida.  In November 2004. Ttraining houses for terrorists, slaughter houses and tunnels and bunkers for weapon storage were discovered in Fallujah.

Persecution of Christians is going on in Muslim countries, China, Hindu areas of India, and probably N. Korea.



Shopping List For Peace

Dia de los Reyes


6 January 2005


The sense to pray before severe tragedy forces us to do so

The habit to do penance even if we are “pure"

The wisdom to listen to prophecies even from “occult” sources

The greater wisdom to listen to predictions by those close to God

The talent to do our share to prevent rather than wait for calamities

The resolve to do better to avoid future disasters

The strength to help alleviate the suffering of unknown victims

The presence of mind to pray for the living

The technological skill to improve rather than just rebuild

The intelligence to plan global strategies

The ability to think in terms of world harmony and peace


Please DO PENANCE  and increase your prayers for world peace a lot MORE!

Please forward worldwide


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