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These videotapes were created for dr G's patients.

They were available to everyone.

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Dance For Health

Dance For Health
This videotape shows four different dances with preceding health advice and visualization topic. Each number is unique, dynamic and geared to a certain aspect of health improvement.





Flexibility Exercises
dr G's Flexibility Exercise No. 1 of a series of exercise videotapes





Hula Exercises
Hula Fitness No. 2 of a series of exercise videotapes





Oriental Exercises
Oriental Aerobics No. 3 of a series of exercise videotapes





Pool Exercises
dr G's Pool Exercises No. 4 of a series of exercise videotapes





Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart Visited Casa Grande
This video documentary is a compilation of interviews of local Casa Grande residents who actually saw Amelia Earhat or knew someone who did during her visits to town in 1928 and 1936. Featured are the only surviving autographed souvenir and a picture of Amelia Earhart taken during the Cowboy Days Rodeo. (Courtesy of Mr. Nate Coxon and the Casa Grande Historical Society Museum respectively)






Nostradamus Visits Zonta
This videotape was taken during a UN/International Relations Program. Zonta Club of Casa Grande Valley. It touches on Nostradamus' July 1999 Prediction as it relates to the current world situation and what we should do to preserve peace around the world.




dr G's "i" Yoga

dr G's "i" Yoga

dr G's "i" Yoga is the only one of its kind so far .It is a combination of Visualization and Yoga .Together they make a true mind and body Healing Art .The Visualization can be modified to suit everyone.




Last Updated 5 May 2005