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Magdalena D. Guerrero, M.D. (dr G)

host of this site

other site: http://www.zcgvaz.com/i/

3 Time Past President, Member since 1984, RETIRED since May 2007

 Zonta Club of Casa Grande Valley


The Status of Women Program

See: http://www.zcgvaz.com/orleans.htm

Chairman: Magdalena D. Guerrero, M.D. (dr G)

15 March 2007, Thursday, 6:30 P.M.

Teen Challenge Home of Hope

1955 Casa Grande Ave. , Casa Grande, Arizona 85222, Tel: 836-0522

    See www.zcgvaz.com/orleans.htm

     Alana’s program included lessons from Katrina, cultural stories for children and excerpts from the Princess Stories to inspire women. 

Magdalena D. Guerrero, MD (dr G)


Status of Women Committee

Zonta Club of Casa Grande Valley



Amelia Earhart Program

and Club's 60th Birthday

5:30 PM, 11 January 2007

Hotel Casa Grande, The former Holiday Inn

777 Pinal Ave., Casa Grande, AZ 85222



AE Chairman Magdalena D. Guerrero, M.D. (dr G)

Guest Speaker: Kay Craig shared her 2 experiences as a participant in the modern day version of the Powder ff Derby

Members of the Zonta Club of Casa Grande Valley surround Faye Don who met Amelia Earhart on September 12, 1928 and signed her name under the wing of Dr. Carlene Mendietta’s plane during the reenactment of Amelia Earhart’s 1928 visit on September 22, 2001.


AE’s Impact on the Status of Women

E.  Now, there is DRAGON LINDY!!!

Started 7 January 2007

 A.The world heard of Amelia Earhart and changed its ATTITUDE about women.

B. BOTH men and and women including Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt were impressed by her.

C. The media CALLED her “Lady Lindy”.

D. The US DEFENSE DEPARTMENT supposedly requested that she take an interest in Japanese installations in the South Pacific prior to the outbreak of WWII.

E. EMPOWERED females literally set the sky as the limit to their ambitions.

F. FATHERS allowed and encouraged daughters to pursue endeavors and occupations traditionally held by men.

G. After her disappearance, Zonta International set up GRANTS for education, health and career development for girls and young women.  Improving the Status of Women improved the status of families and societies.  Tne world caught the spirit.

1. Last October, private citizens actually started providing mini loans to women in 3rd world countries just like the microcredit Zonta started more than 4 years ago.

2.      In Iraq, a housewife was allowed and encouraged by her husband to open her Internet Café introducing new technology to local people.

3. Also in Iraq, a couple asked visiting Agriculturists to teach their DAUGHTER to speak English so she can go to school.

4. In Russia, President Putin started a government program to help families care for children thus reducing the high incidence of child abandonment.  Couples are awarded a certain amount per child.  It can be used for health care, education of the child or child care to enable mothers to get back to work to elevate their status.  The award is given when the child reaches 3 years of age.

5. Also in Russia, female interpreters and TV commentators are seen more often,  Unfortunately, a femele reporter was murdered for denouncing the government.  The male spy who revealed her identity later died of radioactive substance poisoning.  Before death, he wrote a letter to his father to tell the world.

H. Writers had a HEYDAY. Amelia Earhart’s sister, Muriel Earhat Morrissey, spent the rest of her life keeping Amelia’s story and memorabilia alive.  She maintained that Amelia crashed within miles of Howland Island.  In her book and US records, Amelia’s radio communications during the last flight indicated that her voice was increasingly loud and clear just before the permanent silence.  Her radio was capable of audible broadcast within 40 miles.

I. More recent INVESTIGATORS plan is to look 17,000 ft. underwater within 60 – 100 mi. off the coast of Howland Island.  A younger relative with the same name plans to be in that team.

J.    Charles Berlitz, in I don’t know which language, wrote that Amelia Earhart’s disappearance has the hallmarks of a mystery triangle story because of the concurrence of a storm and the absence of evidence of a crash.  He said that she disappeared in the Dragon’s Triangle just W of Tokyo. Amelia took off from Lae, New Guinea, had to deviate from her course because of a storm forcing her to climb over the Bougainville Mountains at an added expense of fuel, was heard by radio capable of 40 mile audability and disappeared without a trace not even an oil slick. Perfect! However, Lae, Bougainville Islands and Howland Island are ALL OUTSIDE the Dragon’s Triangle.  Perhaps Lady Lindy made one final record flight through the Bougainville Heights-Howland Island channel. There have been records of sightings of a strange lady in light, smooth clothes aboard  a sausage shaped craft during ancient times.  UFO’s and USO’s have been reported up to recent years.  Perhaps, the Dragon Lady was tired of being the lone female subject of mystery triangle stories.  Perhaps she needed help to PROMOTE THE STATUS OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE.  Now, there is DRAGON LINDY!!!


Tokyo:      35 41N               139 45E

X                                        145    E                 

Guam:       13  48 N             144 45 E

Yap             9  30 N             138 04 E

Taiwan      23 04 N               124 34 E


Nearest Neighbor to Dragon's Triangle:

PI              13 00 N                122 00 E

Nearest neighbor to AE Triangle:

Papua         6 00 S                140 00 E



Lae              9 30 S                140 10 E

Bougainville 9 30 S                147 10 E

Howland Is.  0 48 N                176 43

Last Updated 11 January 2007




UN International Relations Committee Update 8-12-04
Magdalena D. Guerrero, MD (dr G)

7-6-04:  Not mentioned in the Zontian but featured in Philippine News, Olivia Ferry was voted President elect for the 2006-2008 biennium.  She is from the Zonta Club of Makati, Philippines which hosted the 1987 District 17 Conference I attended at the Manila Hotel.  We can talk about her some other time.

June and Aug 2004: Zonta International Headquarters gave an overview of how Zonta International and the UN cooperate to accomplish impossible projects across the world and named the four ongoing International Service Projects and the new one to be discussed during the convention.  Delegates were expected to choose three ongoing and one new project for the 2004-2006 biennium.  Winners were:

Afghanistan: Quality education for girls

                    NMT program: preventing Neonatal and Maternal Tetanus

Bosnia-Herzegovina: BATCOM Program (preventing trafficking of girls)

Niger, Africa: MicroCredit and Health Program for HIV/AIDS affected Women

     With not one but four ambitious International Service Projects, we need to work hard and at the same time feel good about making a difference to women in various predicaments in different parts of the globe.



Amelia Earhart Was One of Us
She was a member of the Zonta Club of Boston
"Save Amelia"
Bronzing Project

Laurel Schaefer (Right), Miss America 1972, member of the Zonta Club of Burbank, chairman of the "Save Amelia" Bronzing Program, attended the Valentine's Day 2002 meeting of the Zonta Club of Casa Grande Valley held at Central Arizona College..  Shown with her is Past President Magdalena D. Guerrero, M.D., wearing a T-shirt auctioned during the meeting to help raise funds for the project.  The T-shirt commemorates Amelia Earhart's 1928 First Solo Transcontinental and Back Flight by a Woman which brought her to Casa Grande in 1928.  Dr. Carlene Mendietta re-enacted the flight and signed the T-shirt on her Casa Grande stop on September 22, 2001.  Laurel Schaefer also signed it before the meeting ended. 

Amelia's 1971 statue sculpted by Ernest Shelton is deteriorating fast and needs repair soon.  It is in danger of being demolished for the public's safety.   Zontians and friends are banding together to save it to honor a woman of outstanding achievement.

For more information please visit:  http://www.zontaburbank.org



8 January 2004

Combined Amelia Earhart and Status of Women Committee Program

Zonta Club of Casa Grande Valley


AE and Joey

Hello!  This is a first for the club.  We are doing two committee programs at the same time and I shall be playing two roles: Amelia Earhart's statue and Joey.   By the way, that is a real code name and story except for this episode.  Since I have to play both, I’ll be switching costumes with each change in role.  It is going to be very confusing specially for me.  Also, we have exactly 10 minutes to do this combination program.  I am truly sorry to say that since we started almost two years ago, we are definitely going to run overtime.  Here is the beginning of the story.  (distributes copies of “Save Amelia Bronzing Project” program 2-14-2002)

(dr G wears jacket and holds PBS, propeller blade substitute as AE; takes off jacket and wears one of two masks as Joey)

AE:  Watch it!  You are stepping on my flower garden.

Joey: There is a Japanese arsenal buried here.

AE:  Says who?

Joey: Sgt. Winchester. (points at President Peggy)

AE:  I have to tell Franklin and Eleanor. hope they are in the White House right now.

Joey:  Franklin and Eleanor?   White House? Now?  Who do you think you are?

AE:  I am Amelia Earhart.  Ernest Shelton sculpted me in 1971. I have been standing on this high and very narrow pedestal since then. It makes me dizzy.  To help me keep my balance he gave me one huge, heavy propeller blade to hold on to like this.  (holds PBS like a staff with the handle down) 

Joey:  Very skinny propeller blade!  No wonder your plane went down.

AE: I don’t have the real thing in my closet.  This is all I can manage to carry to the meeting.  So it is rather skinny.  Say he did not have enough materials.  It came from my Electra … you know … the plane that went swimming with me in the Pacific.  Anyhow, In 1988, he had to patch up cracks here and there.

Joey:  We all need some kind of repair when we get old.

AE:  (drops the PBS) Who’s old?  Don’t answer.  (kicks the PBS)  By 2001, I was ready for demolition for the public’s safety.  On July 2002, close to my 105th birthday, I was finally sent to Decker Studios for a total body job.

Joey:  I need to go too.

AE:  Not for bronzing … that’s what they did to me.  I just got back recently.  Last December 16, one day before the 100th anniversary of man powered flight which was on 17 December 2003, I was re-dedicated.

Joey:  No wonder you have that color.  I thought you had Wilson’s Disease or just got too sunburned

AE: It does get hot and cold here depending on the time of day or night or season.

Joey:  Oh you are just way over menopause.  Where are we anyhow?

AE: We are at the corner of Tujunga and Magnolia Blvd in front of the newly restored Amelia Earhart Library in North Hollywood, California

Joey:  I thought you were born in Atchison, Kansas.  How come they planted you in California?

AE: I lived in the area from 1928 to 1937.  I attended the University of Southern California and worked for the telephone company.  After I married George W … I mean George Putnam in 1931, we moved to Toluca Lake.  We still have a house on Valley Springs Lane.  Now who are you?

Joey:  My code name is Joey.  (puts on white mask)  We worked for the same side in the same war.  I scared the wits out of the Japanese soldiers while digging for information and recording my findings. 

AE:  Oh my!  Did the Japs reach all the way here after I disappeared?

Joey:  Not during WWII.  Toyota, Fuji and Sushi came later.  I was in Manila, Philippines.  I was beautiful and younger then.   I was the toast of the city.  My husband belonged to a well respected family.  Our daughter was perfect.  After the Philippines was thrown into WWII because of Pearl Harbor, I just had to do more.  I was the best spy the USA could have had for the jobs they sent me to.

AE:  You had to wear that mask?

Joey:  No, not a mask. 

AE:  What exactly did you do?

Joey:  I went into Japanese camps at night, alone, armed only with a notebook and a pencil strapped on my body under my clothes.  (drops a pocket notebook and a pencil into the front of her blouse.  They fall to the floor)  The real Joey had a better shelf.  (opens notebook, inserts a group of pages into the elastic waist of her pants and lets other pages hang outside; inserts pencil into the elastic band, tapes protruding end to her camisole)  Tlaaaa! That’s better.  I sketched everything I saw and shared my notes with the US Intelligence

AE: Did anyone stop you?

Joey:  Yes but no one ever touched me.  I was never detained.

AE:  How did you do that?

Joey:  With my looks!  As I said, I was beautiful  (pause) once.   I don’t really know what the Japanese soldiers thought they saw when the light flashed on me.  My hair was lighter brown compared to those of other Filipino women.  My eyes were almond shaped but huge and must have opened wider making me look like a wild cat.  My fair skin must have turned really pale making me white as a ghost.  My skin lesions and disfigurations made me unfit to touch.

AE:  How can you possibly turn from a beauty to a scary monster?

Joey:  I have Leprosy.

AE: What?!

Joey:  Incurable, contagious, disfiguring, demeaning, disgusting Leprosy.  I have long been a ghost.  I am not dead yet but might as well be.

AE:  I’m sorry! (drops PBS

Joey:  No! Do not touch me.  I do not want to contaminate you.

AE:  I am now completely sealed in bronze.  No bugs and such can hurt me.  My only problem is that I cannot move to hold you.  Come over and lean on me.  I am standing here alone and tired.  Please give me company.

(dr G wears L half of jacket. Holds brown mask with L hand beside R ear;  R hand rests on L shoulder)

Joey:  Gladly!  I have not been touched or touched anyone except in deeds.  When the war was over I asked to be brought to the US for treatment, have a new identity and unknown address.  My husband died many years ago  without seeing me nor I seeing him.   My daughter tried to locate me but was unsuccessful.  I read write-ups about myself a few times.  I am so glad that I have turned adversity to good use.  However, the glory is gone and I am now alone.

N.B.  Joey was featured in “The Rest of the Story” series by Paul Harvey

Magdalena D. Guerrero, M.D. (dr G)



Amelia Earhart Visited Casa Grande

Amelia Earhart's Avro Avian after a ground loop in Pittsburgh, PA. (Photo of a poster made with a picture from "The Sound of Wings")  The 1st Solo Transcontinental Flight and Back by a Woman:  August 29, 1928 to October 13, 1928.


Amelia Earhart literally came out of the blue at about 5:30 PM on September 12, 1928 flying in an Avro Avian plane with markings G-EBUG on the body and 7083 on the tail.   She was in Tucson earlier and had lunch in McNeal.  The Casa Grande Mountain “pointed her way”.   She saw the old Casa Grande Union High School  which she mistook for a hotel and landed on a strip of land  300 feet wide and 12000 feet long between Morrison and Brown Avenue now the site of the Triple X Bar.

     Amelia stayed overnight with Harold and Lillian Earley at 215 North Brown Avenue.  That evening, Lillian Earley and first woman mayor Fanne Gaar took Amelia for dinner at the San Carlos Grill in the San Carlos Hotel which was on Sacaton Street.  N. Bess Prather, then a young reporter and later first president of the Zonta Club of Casa Grande Valley and Postmaster went with them.  She wrote the Friday, September 14, 1928 article in the Casa Grande Dispatch about “Lady Lindy’s” visit.  After dinner, Mrs. Earley and Amelia visited Mrs. Overfield.  Judge and Mrs. T.B. Overfield lived on Overfield Rd., ¼ mile north of Selma Highway.  The latter and Amelia talked about common acquaintances in the East.

     On the morning of departure on September 13, 1928, the wing of AE”s plane was torn by a desert plant as they turned the plane to face the correct direction.  Ed Poole Sr. gave her a handkerchief, part of which she used to patch the hole on her plane with using her own needle and thread.  She tore the remaining portion in two and autographed each piece giving one each to Harold Earley and Ed Poole Sr.  Tip Killingsworth, brother of a long time Zontian, Marguerite Keith saw Ed’s portion of the handkerchief.

     The official reason for the trip was to attend the Southwest Aviation Council in LA on September 13 to 14, 1928.  Even in 1991, during our research, little did anyone know that Amelia Earhart was trying to make a record flight… “The First Solo Transcontinental Flight and back by a Woman”.  This is often not included in her list of records.  It is only the third in the complete lists preceded only by her attaining a 14000 ft. altitude in a Long Beach. California air show n 1922 and “The First Woman to Cross the Atlantic Ocean by Air as a Passenger”.  This roundtrip transcontinental flight was also TH FIRST record made by AE where she actually did some flying from one point to another herself.  It IS A DOUBLE achievement.

Dr. Carlene Mendieta Re-enacts AE's Flight and Visit

     Aboard a 1927 Avro Avian with the same markings, Dr. Carlene Mendieta is re-enacting AE’s least known record flight.  In stead of the 13 stops we knew about in 1991, she has 23 in her itinerary.  She also planned to complete the flight in 3 weeks in stead of the 6 wks. and 3 days it took AE to do hers.

     Carlene’s visit to Casa Grande was originally scheduled for September 12, 2001 which would have been the 73rd anniversary of AE’s original visit.  It was postponed for the 13th which would have been  the perfect time to attend our monthly club meeting.  It was postponed even further by the calamity that struck New York City on September 11, 2001 … “The day of infamy II”.  “This is what makes projects like this more challenging.”  Carlene remarked.  She was more determined than ever to complete the trip and bring attention to a woman pioneer’s achievement in life not in death.  Perhaps too, long after this tragedy is over, w shall still remember the attack on America  because it coincided with Carlene’s flight and rekindle patriotic feelings as well as efforts to fight terrorism and work for peace worldwide.

     Some members of the Zonta Club of Casa Grande Valley met Carlene at 4:30 PM at the Casa Grande Municipal Airport on September 22, 2001.  Club President Helen  Denton gave her a dozen yellow roses.  Later  we had dinner at the local Holiday Inn.  I gave her a copy of a videotape entitled “Amelia Earhart Visited Casa Grande”.  Members present autographed hastily printed photos taken earlier before giving them to her.
     The following morning, Carlene’s plane took off much earlier than the scheduled 6:30 am departure time in anticipation of the possible grounding of cropdusters and similarly built planes.   She was already stranded in Hobbs Airport for a week.  Another delay would change her schedule even more.  The September 11 catastrophe touched us all.  It also earned Carlene a record of her own:  The First Woman Pilot Re-enacting  an Amelia Earhart Record Flight Temporarily Delayed by the FAA due to an International Emergency.

Dr. Carlene Mendieta's 1927 Avro Avian matches the original markings on AE's plane ... G-EBUG on the body and 7083 on the tail.  She had the US flag hanging from the window in commemoration of the September 2001 attacks by terrorists.


Some members of the Zonta Club of Casa Grande Valley met Dr. Carlene Mendieta at 4:30 PM on September 22,2001 at the Casa Grande Municipal Airport.  Club President Helen Denton came with a dozen yellow roses for Dr. Mendieta.


 Faye Don (facing camera), now in her 80's met Amelia Earhart in 1928.  She had the priveledge of autographing the bottom of the wing of Carlene's plane.


 The author, Magdalena D. Guerrero, M.D., (L) and Dr. Carlene Mendieta (R) during dinner at the local Holiday Inn


9-22-01 photos taken by Trudy Darling with dr G's camera


 29     SEPTEMBER 2001

 Magdalena D. Guerrero, MD, FACOG/GP



UN/International Relations Program

Zonta Club of Casa Grande Valley
13 April 2000
Holiday Inn, Casa Grande, AZ, U.S.A.

Nostradamus Visits Zonta

Magdalena D. Guerrero, M.D., F.A.C.O.G./GP


Narrator: Here we go again!  For those who joined the club recently, let me explain that Magdalena Guerrero has presented  crazy skits several times in the past.  Long time members are more or less used to this kind of event.  However, let me tell you that behind the comedy is a serious message and lesson.  Do enjoy and pay attention.

(Music plays, Zonta dances.)

Nostradamus: (Tilting bowl of water) Now what are you showing me?  (Gets a spoon, scoops water and pours it back into the bowl)  You mean who.  OK! (Looks around)  Zonta!  Good to see  you again.

Zonta:  (Softens music) You know me?

Nostradamus:  Of course!  We met years ago.

Zonta:  We did?

Nostradamus:  I came as Amelia Earhart that time.

Zonta:  ... and who are you this time?

Nostradamus:  Nostradamus.

Zonta:   (Stops music) ... and I thought that Amelia Earhart was too old to come back that time.  You are at least four times more ancient.

Nostradamus:  I can travel farther in time than most humans.

Zonta:  I know.  I read, talk and write about you enough that some people are beginning to think I am nuts.  If I even whisper that I saw you,  I will be in big trouble.

Nostradamus:  I have been in the same boat before.  That is why I wrote my predictions in a way that is difficult to figure out and at times with both a superficial and a deeper and more complicated explanation .

Zonta:  ... plus red herrings to throw people out of track quite often.

Nostradamus:  I had to do that or my work would have been labelled as witchcraft.

Zonta:  ... and burned.

Nostradamus:  ... with me at the stake.

Zonta:  Then we could have been spared the task of figuring out this July 1999 puzzle.

Nostradamus: You would then have the misfortune of facing what are due to happen without warning and missing  the opportunity to prevent or lessen the severity of these coming events.

Zonta:  Can we really change them?

Nostradamus:  Your web page says so.

Zonta:  You read my web page?!?

Nostradamus:  I have been following your updates closely right here.

Zonta:  (Looking around)  Where is your computer?

Nostradamus:  I do not need one.  (Holds bowl of water up)  This is my "Show and Tell".  It showed me a lot of things I did not care to know about.  A lot of them were so strange that I did not understand them at the time.

Zonta:  ... and you believed them anyhow?

Nostradamus:  At first I did not.  However, when things started to happen as I saw them, I started to believe.

Zonta:  You know of course that very few really know what you have written and most of those who do do not understand them.

Nostradamus:  ... and a great majority do not believe regardless of whether or not they understand.

Zonta:  Your efforts may not save us.

Nostradamus:  That is why I came in person.

Zonta:  This time please speak in plain English with dates that agree with our calendar not the ancient Astrological signs..

Nostradamus:  I still cannot give exact dates of some events by any method because some occurrences are subject to changes.

Zonta:  Due to what?

Nostradamus:  Your efforts to change them.  They may or may not happen at all or be postponed.

Zonta:  So what can you really tell me?

Nostradamus:  The July 1999 prediction covers only a very brief period in a short chapter in human history.

Zonta:  It covers 27 years.  That is not short.

Nostradamus:  Compared to my 400 and some years in underground storage,  it is nothing.

Zonta:  When do the 27 years end?

Nostradamus:  After the defeat and death of AntiChrist III.

Zonta:  Which is when?

Nostradamus: It depends on when you folks make it happen.

Zonta:  Some help you are.  At least tell me when the 27 years of World War III started so I can figure out when to expect relief.

Nostradamus:  I do not know.  I missed that.  I was asleep in my tomb till recently.

Zonta:  What woke you up?

Nostradamus:  An alarm clock.  It said: "In the year one thousand nine hundred ninety nine and seven months, World War III shall be well on its way."  Boy oh boy!  Did I wake up.

Zonta:  What took you so long to visit me?

Nostradamus: I had to read enough of your updates to figure out if this is the real point in time for the prediction or wait till 2087.

Zonta:  ... the alternate date for this prediction.

Nostradamus:  Right.

Zonta:  ... and you think 1999 versus 2087 is the right time  indicated by your friendly bowl?

Nostradamus:  Let me consult H2O.com  (Spoons water from the bowl repeatedly.)  It was so long ago and I got confused by my own red herrings.  However, it is possible.

Zonta:  Why do you say that?

Nostradamus:  There are enough conflicts around the world.  A little bit more can make it widespread and worldwide alliances can make it generalized. On July 15, 1999, there was a sign in the sky.

Zonta:  "The King of Terror shall come out of the sky..."

Nostradamus:  There was a conjunction between Venus and the moon.  It looked  like the crescent and the star.

Zonta:  The symbol of Islam!

Nostradamus: On July 16, 1999, there was an event that caught the attention of the entire world.

Zonta:  JFK Jr. fell out of the sky and died.

Nostradamus:  The son of the first CATHOLIC president of the USA died.  "The kingdoms of the sea shall overcome those of the Church."

Zonta:  Muslims shall overcome Christians.

Nostradamus:  "He will wake up the King of Angoulmois."

Zonta:  The event revived memories of Camelot, the good old Kennedy days.

Nostradamus:  ... and the enthusiasm in space exploration.  On July 28, 1999, US Space Shuttle Columbia had a safe, manual landing by the first woman commander after trouble with fuel leaks in space.

Zonta: There was the long tailed comet to indicate that this is the time.

Nostradamus:  Some nuts accused it of being a destructive monster.

Zonta:  What about that red moon on January 20, 2000?

Nostradamus:  I don't know.

Zonta:  You said something about blood, thirst and famine when the comet runs out.

Nostradamus:  Probably.  The piece of brain with that memory was left in my tomb.  I was hastily recomposed for this occasion.  However, I might have meant real bloodshed and that has increased too.

Zonta:  Then there was the total solar eclipse on August 11, 1999.  A futurist said that the countries that were under its shadow will experience great stress.  Turkey, Afghanistan, India had the biggest disasters so far.

Nostradamus:  As predicted, there were earthquakes, floods, fires, famine.  There shall be more misfortunes.  It is severe famine leading to cannibalism that needs to be prevented.  It is this factor that would make leaders of affected countries desperate enough to wage bigger wars.

Zonta:  How do we prevent all these?

Nostradamus: Increase disaster preparedness and prevent disasters to begin with!

Zonta:  Sure!  I just tell Mother Nature  and her two children to quit playing tricks.  Right?

Nostradamus:  Children?

Zonta:  El Nino and La Nina.

Nostradamus:  Stop ruining the earth.  You must have reasonable ecologic balance for geological powers to behave.

Zonta: Big words!  Now, in simple language ... what are we doing now to mess up our weather so much?

Nostradamus:  Among many things, you are burning too  much fossil fuels and accumulating too much carbon dioxide in the athmosphere.

Zonta:  That would supposedly create a greenhouse effect.

Nostradamus:  ... and global warming which in turn leads to severe weather changes.

Zonta:  We had severe storms, earthquakes and floods lately.

Nostradamus:  You also had much higher casualties and economic losses from disasters within the last few years.

Zonta: The International Red Cross and Red Crescent said so.

Nostradamus:  People have not learned from previous experiences.  Crowded slums are located on or at the foot of barren hills and get burried in mud slides.  Some live on volcano slopes or flood plains and rebuild in the same places after the emergencies are over.

Zonta:  What about the possibility of nuclear war?

Nostradamus:  Again, that depends on you folks.  You can have it full blast or avoid it.  Along with weapons of mass destruction, the effects are extremely devastating and long lasting if not permanent.

Zonta:  What can individuals like myself do?

Nostradamus: Spread the word.  Talk to local, national and international leaders.  Tell them to have strict international measures to avoid the misuse of nuclear power and weapons of mass destruction.

Zonta:  Most common people will not have access to leaders at any level.  What can they do?

Nostradamus:  Be at peace with the Creator Who controls all powers of nature and the destinies of all planets.  Everyone can wish and hope for peace.  Most people can pray.

Zonta:  (Starts music and dances)  Some can meditate and visualize.

Nostradamus:  What are you doing?

Zonta:  (Turns off music)  All of the above.

Nostradamus.  Dance is exercise and maybe art.  I do not know about the rest.

Zonta:  Dance is prayer, meditation and visualization.  I shall now dance to request the spirits of the four directions to balance their powers for peace throughout the world.

Nostradamus:  What do I do?

Zonta:  (Hands him a peace pipe)  Send signals to the spirits.

Nostradamus:  Holy Smokes!


Green stands for the West or Water which is vital for plant and animal life.

Yellow stands for  the East or the Sun which warmth and energy are essential for growth and survival.

Black stands for the North or Bringer of Storms who distributes water throughout the world.

White stands for Mother Earth who nourishes and protects us.

(Native American flute music; Four Directions Dance)

Narrator:  Let us now stand up and pray for world peace.


Dear almighty Father

Please calm the earth,

divert storm waters to areas of need,

grow food in every nation,

resolve conflicts throughout the globe,

prevent nuclear and mass destruction weapons use ...

for peace all over the world.



  Also please see

"Earth will survive IF we save it"

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Find out how our sister Zontians are surviving hurricane Katrina effects




Last Updated 21 July 2010


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