Magdalena D. Guerrero, M.D. (dr G)

5 September 2005


Dear President George W. Bush,

     It is a blessing that the worst disasters happen later.  New Orleans was bad and people think it is terrible.  Talks about the end of the world abound.  Yet this was just a drill.  The real disaster during our time is the big one around 2017 but that is not all.  Nostradamus predicts the same occurrence in New York City probably associated with volcanic activity.  Please do not ask me where the volcano is.  I have enough trouble understanding his words but SULPHUR was mentioned.  If you believe Edgar Cayce, there shall be a split of the continent into four.  We shall have more than a French Quarter.  The Mississippi area shall divide extending to the Great Lakes.  Pope John Paul II mentioned a water related catastrophe in the Great Lakes area but we had the Tsunami instead.  He foresaw the wrong event but at the correct time of a disaster.  Back to Edgar Cayce … Perhaps, San Francisco, New York and Mississippi will do their thing at about the same time to account for four sections.

     When you do your critique of New Orleans and optimize our “READINESS”  please remember to plan for the impossible which may unfortunately be ,possible.  I am NOT a psychic.  I just read different things and observed how terribly believable these folks are.

     About the oil products donated by Kuwait … that is one item we need plenty of.  Dollars will be nothing when our oil supply runs lower yet.  Also please remember that the rescue vehicles need fuel.


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4 August 2005: Eileen Collins warned that better care is needed to protect the earth's natural resources.  Widespread environmental damage was seen by her and the Discovery crew from 220 miles above the planet.

Hurricane Katrina

6 September 2005

Category 5 Katrina made its Gulf Coast landfall on August 29. 2005.  Hardest hit was New Orleans which was completely submerged.  More than 10.000 are feared dead.  Thousands crowded into shelters where people ran out of water, food and sanitary resources.  People were trapped in their homes and had to be rescued from attics and rooftops later.  A man and his dog swam for eight hours.  A premature baby was delivered and later transported out of the city by helicopter from a dark hospital roof where it was held on someone's arms.  Chaos and violence resulted later when help was still scarce days after the storm.  Blame was directed at different levels of government organizations.  The mayor delivered a tearful plea for help while refugees expressed anger and frustration on TV.  On September 2, members of the National Guard and later active troops arrived to control looting, shooting and other disorderly conduct.  The local police force collapsed.  Some were reported to be in tears as they struggled to do their jobs.  Four hundred members were unaccounted for days later.  Two committed suicide a week later.  Help arrived late but reflected the generosity of people in and out of the USA.  Private organizations secured and gave donations.  Others brought truckloads of water.  Kuwait donated 500 million dollars worth of oil products. Private citizens in different states opened their homes.  Places of worship turned into temporary living quarters.  A town in Alabama had a Labor Day celebration which included refugees.  A Texas shelter offered help with paperwork to secure new ID's, debit cards, etc. itat for Humanity secured enough donations to build homes for those willing to relocate.  It will take two to four months to fully clean up the city and restore utilities to "normal" levels.  It may take ten years to rebuild the city.  New Orleans was declared "DESTROYED" on 5 September 2005.  Survivors were advised to leave or stay away.  Evacuation is still going on by land and air.  Two cruise ships were ready to do the same.  However, some decided to stay longer to locate missing members of their families or stay forever in the city they know as HOME.    In the meantime a hospital on wheels rolled into a nearby state to serve refugees.  Treatment, including surgery, is now available.  Four helicopters have ben commissioned for transport after stabilization.  Some gambling casinos refused to rebuild their establishments.  The water is contaminated but at a lower level.  Homes were blown to different locations.  Devastation is everywhere bu some still have hope.


7 September 2005

Mandatory evacuation orders are in force today for the 10,000 or so remaining residents of New Orleans because of health dangers from the flood waters and risk of fires.  The water harbors Pathogenic bacteria including a variant of Cholera which can enter the body through cuts and wounds, viruses like Hepatitis A, toxjc and caustic substances along with floating debris, material and organic wastes, animal and human corpses not to mention submerged wires and sharp objects.  There have been fires that were difficult or impossible to put out with insufficient water pressure.  At least one historic mansion converted to apartments was allowed to burn down.  About a hundred newborns without their mothers except for one were transported out of the city earlier.  More refugees were moved to different states.  About 800 were expected to arrive in Tucson and 600 in Phoenix before noon today.  The Arizona Medical Association issued an e-mail requ11est yesterday for volunteers to care for them.  Apparently some already arrived during the weekend and some at 1:30 PM in Tucson.  Two were hospitalized.  The majority may be among the 10,000 +/- still refusing to leave New Orleans.  In California and other states, arrangements have already been made for student enrollment in local schools.  Celebrities are performimn and donating proceeds of shows to the Katrina Relief Fund.  Similarly, LSU is playing at the Sun Devil Stadium this weekend to add more to the fund.

Hurricane Rita

September 22, 2005: In anticipation of another possible category 5 hurricane, Mandatory Evacuation orders were issued in the Louisiana-Texas coast area.  Traffic backed up on I-45 Northbound.  Southbound lanes except for one were reversed.  Vehicles were stranded without gas available along the route.  Early Sept. 23, a bus transporting elderly patients fra Nursing Home caught fire killing 24.  Oxygen use was a factor.  2 million people evacuated in 36 hours.  There were no deaths related to the storm itself.  2 were reported dead from electrical accidents and 5 were due to use of a gas heater after the storm.  In contrast, deaths from Katrina were estimated to be in the 1200's with 900+ of those in New Orleans.  By Sept. 26, storm waters were receding in Texas.  Power was back and clean up started in Algiers, New Orleans.  Oct. 1, people were slowly allowed to return to survey damage and retrieve surviving possessions.  Some pets were discovered to have been killed.  Some found damage to be too much and decided to move elsewhere.  Though utilities in some areas have been restored, water was still not sake to drink.  Right after Rita, someone from the still flooded New Orleans said: "We needed the rain."   





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