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Earth will survive IF we save it !!!

Prophesies Fulfilled Separated from this Page 10-12-2005

With the use of very complicated precautions, Nostradamus' warnings reached the very generation that he wanted to save them for ... ours!!!  The least we can do is listen.  Forget superstition, religious bias, fear of the occult and sensationalism.  All he did was write down what he had the blessing to see 400 years ago.  He did so to make us aware of what were due to happen so we can alter events.  Doing so can save our lives and our planet.

Summary of Nostradamus' 7'99 Prophecy:

    1. Signs in the sky confirm that it is time for the prophecy

    2. There shall be a series of natural disasters leading to famine, political unrest and war

    3. This war shall be between the East (Muslims) and the West (Christians)

    4. Most of the fighting shall be in Europe, Middle East and Asia

    5. It shall involve an Antichrist

    6. It shall last 27 years

    7. With the unlikely alliance between Russia (or maybe part of the former USSR) and the USA, the West shall win eventually

 Signs in the Sky 

July 15, 1999: There was a conjunction of Venus and the moon.  It looked like the crescent and the star: THE SYMBOL OF ISLAM. 

 July16, 1999: The son of the first CATHOLIC president of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA fell from the sky and died.  Possible message: Muslims versus Christians; East versus West: "The kingdoms of the sea shall overcome those of the Church.  He shall wake up the King of Angoulmois"  just like Nostradamus' interpreters have been saying all along. 

August 11, 1999: Total solar eclipse over the Middle East, Central Europe and most of Asia - at least one futurist already stated that  "the countries under its shadow shall experience great stress". 

August - September 1999: Comet H1 (Lee) close to earth at this time with minimum distance of 125 MILLION km. towards the end of September.  Lots of room. 

January 2000: First full moon of the year was blood red

Main Problem: Natural Disasters

Possible Cause:  Greenhouse effect from excess fossil fuel by products accumulating in the atmosphere leading to global warming in turn leading to severe climate changes. 

Solution: Reverse the greenhouse effect to eventually normalize climate.

Secondary Side Effects:

 Famine leading to world war; possible use of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction


1.  Disaster PREVENTION and preparedness (including increased food production, storage, distribution) and organized relief measures at local and global levels. 
2. Local and international measures to prevent misuse of nuclear power along with weapons of mass destruction. 
3. Intensive peace keeping efforts and return to spirituality at local and international levels. 


1.  The argument is over.  It is now recognized that global warming causes severe weather changes. 

2.  The International Red Cross and Red Crescent announced that severe natural disasters, casualties and economic losses have reached record highs. 

3.  Sequestration of carbon dioxide in rock formations is being done in some countries (for tax purposes).  Trapping carbon dioxide deep in the ocean is possible.  It can also be converted to methane for fuel.  Who knows?  We may need to release it later for a controlled greenhouse effect when the earth gets cold. 


5. The USA used experimental LASER to shoot down artillery 11-5-2002

6. The USA plans to use fuel cell based land transportation 11-13-2002; 11-21-02: USS plans to create a single cell organism that can absorb carbon dioxide and help curb the earth's green house problem.  I can also produce hydrogen for fuel / Int ; 2-11-2003: Hydrogen based fuel cell technology now ready / TV

7. 7 astronauts including the first from Israel and India did scientific experiments to benefit planet earth during their 16 day mission.  The ill fated US Spaceship Columbia exploded over Dallas, Texas 15 minutes before their scheduled landing on 1 February 2003.  The first report of debris discovery was from Palestine (Texas) ; 2-5-03: debris found as far as California and Louisiana / TV

8. 8-4-2005: Eileen Collins and the Discovery crew saw widespread environmental damage on earth and warned about the need to protect the planet's resources.  Soon after, a series of record disasters happened.

9. 10-14-2005: Scientists verified that the temperature rose 1degree F during the past century and can rise another 2 - 10 degrees F by the end of this century.  Storm shall move by hundres of miles and follow a northward direction.  There shall be more frequent and worse storms such as hurricanes / In10.  Some countries such as China are planning to build eco-city type communities similar to Arcosanti which has existed in Arizona more than 30 years but has not spread significantly.  The self supporting and energy efficient design may be useful with worse climate conditions coming / Int

 A challenge to the universal collective consciousness: Turn the tide !!!

     Wish, pray, meditate, visualize the future adverse events away.  Repeat frequently: "We prevent disasters, famine and war ... for peace all over the world.


  "Coming Events" are moved above this line as they occur.  Intervening entries are added to


 Coming Events

End of the 27 year war referred to in the July'99 Prediction: 2006 - 2026?  Nostradamus did not specify the actual start or end of the conflict.  He only said clearly (for once) that July 1999 is somewhere inbetween.  Through the unlikely alliance between the US and Russia (or maybe a part of the former USSR), the West shall win the war between Christians and Muslims / NI

28 August 2006: Start of alignment of Mars, Venus and sun, an Astrological event mentioned by Nostradamus in "Epistle to King Henry II

23 Sept. 2006: UNCONFIRMED report that Osama Bin Ladin is dead

Raypoz: 2007??? or earlier and/or 2797??? Raypoz (FA YPOZ in French version) shall terminate all those that oppose him (Nostradamus).  Saddam Hussein shall fit the description if and when he attains nuclear capability. His would be nuclear facility was bombed by Israel in 1981.  Parts for building a future one were found buried under a rosebush in Iraq after the 2003 conflict, Saddam Hussein was sentenced to DEATH by Iraqi court\ , executed by hanging on 12-30-2006,  next candidate: N Korea followed by Iran which announced successful test firing of a strategic missile during military exercises Sept 12 -18. 2004 / MDG

2007+/-: A Muslim hadiths' prediction of events by occurrences and characteristics of solar and lunar eclipses point to a possible world war between Christians and Muslims  This particular narration is NOT attributable to Muhamad and not a direct quote.  2007:

Phoenix unmanned space probe: scheduled to land on Mars in 2008 / NASA

 World in flames: 2010 (Carl Jung): extreme solar heat ?  (Nostradamus), wildfires? world war? Flaming sword? (Our Lady of Fatima)

Bible Code:  LA Earthquake 2010; Meteor 2012???

Dec 21, 2012: End of 5000 year Mayan calendar with TRUE alignment of sun, earth, center of milky way ...End of current world ... hopefully a recycle point

Asteroid "2003 QQ47" potential strike: March 21, 2014; equivalent of 20 million Hiroshima bombs:;   The odds of a catastrophic collision with earth is 1 in 909,000 .  Asteroids usually stay in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter /BBC

Total solar eclipse (not a year of peace): 2017

The Big One: 2017 ? (scientists); America shall split into four pieces (Edgar Cayce); San Francisco shall break off (scientists, Nostradamus); New York shall experience a volcanic event. (Nostradamus)

 Dec 21, 2020: Saturn, Jupiter in Aquarius (Peace sign); 50 years of peace

 Asteroid: 2022

 Alternate date for 1999 27 year war vs. repeat cycle of war and peace: 2087 +/-

2100: The Temperature will rise by 2.5 - 10.5 degrees F mainly because of carbon dioxide build up from cars, factories and power plants.  The sea level shall rise in the upper half of a 3.5 - 34.5 in. range per projection of a UN climate panel.  More flooding, erosion, sinking and tsunamis are predicted.  Shorelines and boundaries of islands and continents shall change / Int Yahoo 1-11-2005)

Mars' next closest distance to earth: August 28, 2287, between 34.62 million miles (9-12-57616 BC) and 34.65 million miles (8-27-2003).  The average distance from earth is usually 140 million miles. / NASA 

 Devastation of Europe

"Dog of War howls all night when the Pontiff changes bier."  2005???

 Defeat  of Antichrist

God's Peace 2797 ??? - Peace for a thousand years

 End of the world  3797???

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